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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


It's an instrinsic part of Per Wickstrom's public mythology--his claim that he'd started drinking at age 13, and by age 15 he had been kicked out of his house for using marijuana. While he was still in high school, Wickstrom claimed he was introduced to cocaine. Believing he had no other means to support himself, Wickstrom began dealing cocaine to make money.

Wickstrom says his drug dealing career culminated when he was 27, when he was arrested in a sting operation on "COPS" in front of a national audience. He claimed he spent eight months in jail before his case came up for trial. Facing a likely sentence between 2 and 5 years, Wickstrom says he was lucky enough to convince the judge that he did not need to be sentenced to jail. Instead, the judge put Wickstrom on probation for five years and gave him a hefty fine of $20,000.

But the truth is way more mundane than the myth.

An official with the Florida Department of Corrections just confirmed to Miss Fortune in an email that Per Wickstrom was never arrested in Florida for a drug-related offense.

However, official Broward County records indicate Wickstrom was arrested in May 1986 and charged with grand theft (stolen property valued over $300 but under $20,000), tampering with evidence, and battery of a community college security officer.

The Florida Department of Corrections stated that "Mr. Wickstrom served and successfully completed a period of probation in Florida in 1994". The DOC official went on to confirm that Wickstrom's offense "was not drug related", and had not further history with Florida's Corrections system.

That sound you just heard is the air coming out of Per Wickstrom's image---slowly deflating  like the dirty underpants of a failed, drunken ship's captain.

Don't you wonder what else he's lying about? 


  1. Their is always the possibility that Per was offered a DAG Plea,"deferred acceptance of guilty plea, And successfully completed the terms of the agreement and had the charges and arrest completely
    expunged from his record even the police would not have that information only the FBI. It's clear you are on a witch hunt. So your entire story is baseless unless you can verify the DAG Plea option? If you want to be a good journalist try and not be so biased and perform Due diligence in your articles....

    1. Sweetie, this witch's hunt (also known as due diligence) turned up a Florida Department of Corrections official who confirmed that Wickstrom had served probation for the Broward County offenses.

      If what you claim is true about having the charges and arrest "completely expunged" from Wickstrom's record, I wouldn't have been able to find the information to begin with and the Florida Department of Corrections would not have confirmed it.

      In general, only juvenile records are expunged.

      As a good journalist, I did indeed wait until I received confirmation from the DOC before posting my article.

      And just because you asked so nicely, I will also post the confirmation of Wickstrom's record I'm expecting from the Broward County Sheriff's record department.

      Thank you for reading the blog, Hergie. If you'd like to cooperate on a story about Best Drug Rehabilitation's South Bend facility, please let me know.

  2. I have no intention of working with you in your continued quest to defame my friend Per Wickstrom. I have known Per for over 20 years and have witnessed his centers work first hand Helping others struggling with addiction. You paint a picture of person just in it for the money ripping and roaring. It's simply not true.

    I myself struggled with addiction and went through some hard times and I approached Per and asked if he could help me and he did not even blink a eye and enrolled me in his program and he and his staff "saved my life" simple as that. and in addition he has never asked me for a penny of the cost of the program for that I will never stop thanking him, he saved my life period.

    Does every person that comes to rehab leave happy as a clam NOT even close it's really up to the individual some come to rehab because their wife or husband will leave them if they don't, Some come because Mom & Dad can't take it anymore and it's rehab or the street, Some might be facing jail time and think rehab under their belts will lighten the outcome, or in my case I was just finally ready to live life clean & sober again and enjoy life and my child and so many others reasons my point is I was ready to take care of me first. Some people get it quicker than others sometimes it takes a few runs to get it right.

    I don't embrace excuses I embrace solutions. In Per's defense last week June 8th I attended a event and Per was given a award by the City of Detroit for his efforts in supporting a drug free Detroit
    signed by the Mayor and all council members. if you want to engage me in regards to best drug rehabilitation try posting some success stories from people that went through the program and that are thankful for obtaining a new lease on life.

    1. Hergie:
      I would be happy to hear from former patients who have been successfully treated by Wickstrom. Please have them forward their stories to me at: tcmissfortune@yahoo.com