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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

CONVICTED FELON DAVID LEE HUNTER SPOTTED IN BAY CITY, MICHIGAN AREA: Charlevoix Resident (And Convicted Felon) Fraudulently Claims He's A Warner Bros. Records Talent Executive, But He's Just A Broke-Ass Con Man Who Lives With His Mother

Hunter recently sighted at Scotty's Sand Bar in Bay City, Michigan

Nearly seven years after publishing my first story about David Lee Hunter, (shown below in a photo provided by a member of a band Hunter conned in 2011) the convicted felon has shown up in Bay City, Michigan still running his tired “I’ll hook you up with a music deal” scam.

Hunter, who served nearly two years in a Michigan prison after pleading guilty to a Craigslist rental scam in October 2013, has been spotted at a Bay City bar purporting to be a Warner Bros. Records A&R executive.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

In fact, Hunter has a long criminal history, dating back to an Oakland County, Michigan gun charge conviction in 1992. 

And his fraud schemes, including a $45,000+ 2009 World Bikini Football League swindle and his 2012 investment scam to raise $80,000,000 so Hunter could produce a biopic about the late Marvin Gaye,  demonstrate his deception knows no boundaries.

Hunter went on the lam in late 2012 after failing to appear in a Grand Traverse County courtroom on December 21, 2012 for a scheduling hearing in for a Craiglist rental scam he'd pulled during that summer.

According to court documents, Hunter signed a month lease on a Wadsworth Street in Traverse City during the summer of 2012. 

He then put the home up for rent on Craigslist and set up separate tours for potential renters. 

Hunter claimed to be the home's legal owner — or that he was in partnership with the owner — and signed several one-year lease agreements with the potential renters. 

He collected six $1,000 payments intended as security deposits, police said. 

All of the fake leases were supposed to start on October 15, 2012, and one of the renters contacted police not long after that when they began to suspect the deal was a scam. 

Hunter was in contact with all parties and repeatedly provided excuses as to why they couldn't yet move in. 

Police checked with the vacation rental group that rented the home to Hunter, and a woman there confirmed that Hunter had no authority to rent the property at all, let alone for a period of time past his lease. 

During Hunter's time on the lam, I heard from people all over the world who'd been victimized by Hunter—most providing documents that verified their claims of fraud. 

Hunter was finally captured nearly seven months later in Chicago at an airport hotel, where he was registered under his own name.

A tip from a reader of this blog was instrumental in locating Hunter, and he was later returned to Grand Traverse County Jail. 

Instead of taking his case before a jury, Hunter struck a deal, pleading guilty in September 2013 to two felony counts of conversion by false pretenses. In return, the Grand Traverse County Prosecuting Attorney agreed to drop four additional felony counts.

Hunter was sentenced on October 25, 2013 to 23-60 months in prison and was ordered to pay $8,079.32.

During his testimony, Hunter claimed he'd Hunter said that he'd run because a "psycho, bat-shit crazy blogger" had begun to write about him, and he got all "paranoid, worked up, and began to stutter". 

Hunter was discharged from prison after serving 23 months, and was later charged on September 7, 2016 with multiple parole violations.

According to the MDOC report, on July 23, 2016, Hunter was a passenger in the Range Rover, which was stopped in the Charlevoix area. Hunter tested positive for alcohol, was detained and served time in Grand Traverse County jail on probation violation charges.

Hunter and his mother, Kathy, were alleged to have been involved in the extortion of a registered sex offender, who'd served time with Hunter.

According to an official probation violation report, in early August 2016, Hunter’s parole agent received information alleging Hunter had been involved in fraudulent/criminal behavior since his release from prison, primarily involving a former MDOC inmate/sex offender Stuart Robbenolt. 

The agent met with Robbenolt and, during the interview, Robbenolt reported that Hunter had been taking cash from him via a bank account Hunter assisted in having set up. 

Robbenolt reported that Hunter protected him while in prison from other inmates and in return when Robbenolt was released Hunter remained in contact, telling Robbenolt that he “owed” him for this. 

Mr. Robbenolt reported that David Hunter had him shuffled between multiple residences, including one belonging to Hunter’s former girlfriend, before being moved into the Charlevoix home owned by Hunter's mother, Kathleen Hunter, Hunter’s last reported address. 

Robbenolt reported that Hunter had Robbenolt make Kathleen Hunter his power of attorney over his finances. 

Hunter would then have access to Robbenolt’s money, which he would then take and use it for himself. Robbenolt reported that Hunter frequently purchased alcohol to drink in his presence, and Robbenolt indicated he was not free to go where he pleased. 

Based on what Robbenolt reported, the MDOC report alleged coercion and a level of threatening behavior by Hunter directed at Robbenolt to keep him Hunter’s control for financial exploitation. 

The Robbenolt extortion matter was referred to the Michigan State Police for a criminal investigation. 

The MSP Gaylord Post was provided with relevant information, including bank statements and a copy of a check drafted on Robbenolt's bank account made payable to Hunter’s mother, Kathleen Hunter, but no charges were ever filed.

Here's an official array of Hunter's mugshots.

Grand Traverse County Jail official mugshot
Cook County Jail mugshot

Oakland County Jail mugshot
Michigan Department of Corrections mugshot
Don't believe a word he tells you!


  1. Thanks for keeping us up to date, glad to see you are back at. Guy is truly a creep. Who moves a sex offender in with their mom-gross.

    Signed from a friend- SH (a blast from the past!)

  2. He is still scamming people. He goes by David Lee StClair.
    I would to hear from anyone who he has scammed. I would like to save someone the pain.

  3. Don't forget to mention that he'll have you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. And if you do, since it is done under fraudulent terms, it is not binding. So if anyone out there has been scammed by this ASSHOLE, don't be scared about anything you signed with him, IT IS NOT VALID!!! So anything he says trying to scare you, just blow it off and report his ASS!

    Oh yeah, and don't let him have any access to anychecks, he will steal them and then write checks for any amount and they will bounce. We were lucky in that the one he wrote against our account, the person was suspicious and came to us first. They were good people and did not hold it against us since he had no right to use our account.

    Great job Miss Fortune for keeping up on this asshat!

  4. Please contact me. David is still up to his tricks. David Lee Stclair is what he goes by. I have pictures.

  5. Wow, still going lol.He's a right piece of work. Needs a big red flag painted on his forehead!

  6. I've known David Hunter since middle school and he just messed with the wrong person! Paybacks are hell Dave!