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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


David L. Hunter
David Lee Hunter, a Charlevoix native who served nearly two years in a Michigan prison for a 2012 Traverse City Craigslist rental scam, was officially charged on September 7, 2016 with multiple parole violations. A formal show cause hearing is scheduled for October 11, 2016 in Grand Traverse County Circuit court.

In addition, Hunter is currently under investigation by the Michigan State Police (MSP), facing up to 20 years in prison for allegedly extorting money from a registered sex offender, Stuart Robbenolt. According to Robbenolt's statement, Hunter's mother, Kathleen, allegedly aided and abetted her son's extortion scheme.

Official Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) records, obtained exclusively by Miss Fortune via a Freedom of Information Act request, reveal Hunter waived his right to a preliminary parole revocation hearing on September 7, and was charged with violating six parole conditions: 

-Count 1, Violation of Condition 6, Association: On or about 6/14/2016 Hunter associated with Stuart Robbennolt, a convicted sex offender, knowing he had or have a felony conviction(s). 

-Count 2, Violation of Condition 1, Contact field agent: On or about 8/31/2016 Hunter submitted a false and inaccurate report by reporting to his supervising field agent that he would be traveling with only his mother, Kathleen Hunter on this same date. Hunter was allegedly in the company of another person, whose name was redacted and did not appear in the MDOC charge record. 

-Count 3, Violation of Condition 10 and Special Condition 4.19, Comply w/GPS: On or about 8/31/2016 Hunter failed to comply with the written Order of Parole Board 4.19 by failing to comply with GPS program rules by traveling to a location not approved by his supervising field agent. 

-Count 4, Violation of Condition 10, Special Conditions: On or about 8/31/2016 Hunter failed to comply with the verbal order of his MDOC field agent to return back to his approved residence if not admitted to U of M hospital. 

-Count 5, Violation of Condition 10 and Special Condition 4.2, Consent to Search: On or about 8/31/2016 Hunter failed to comply with the written Order of Parole Board 4.2 by failing to provide the password to his cellphone as directed for the purpose of a search. 

-Count 6, Violation of Condition 10 and Special Condition 4.4, Curfew: On or about 8/31/2016 Hunter failed to comply with the written Order of Parole Board 4.4 by failing to be in his approved residence during curfew hours. 

At the time of the alleged violations, Hunter’s “approved residence” was the Charlevoix home of his mother, Kathleen Hunter. 

Hunter was served the parole violation charges on September 7 at the Detroit Reentry Center, where he was housed. Hunter’s response to those multiple violations: 

“I missed my report because I had to go to the hospital on 8/31/16. I was in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan Medical Facility. I wasn't released until late that day. My agent gave me instructions to report the next day which was 9/1/16. The hospital gave me instructions to report back on 9/1/16. I contacted my agent and explained all of this. I told my agent I was staying the night at my cousin Nate Scott, [REDACTED]. That morning before I could go to the doctor or report the Abscond Unit was at my cousin's home arresting me. I am [REDACTED] and thought it much more important to [REDACTED]. My monitoring equipment was cut off at Oakland County Jail. The charger is at my cousin's house.” 

Although certain details of Hunter’s explanation are redacted, it appears he may be using a medical condition, and its purported treatment at the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) as a defense for failing to return to his approved residence in Charlevoix. 

The MDOC record also shows that Hunter asked to have his parole “transferred to Washtenaw County so that I can live with my mother and be closer to the hospital. Her name is Kathleen Hunter.” 

(Kathleen Hunter is a Charlevoix resident, and former board member of a charter school, the Charlevoix Montessori Academy of the Arts. Michigan Department of Education records reveal that Kathleen Hunter’s recently formed educational management company, Charlevoix Educational Management, LLC, was officially recognized on June 2, 2016 as the school’s new management provider.)

Select details (including names of informants) have been redacted of the “Proofs of Violation” section of the MDOC report: 

Count 1 - Association: 

The MDOC report states Hunter’s parole officer will testify that a female acquaintance of Hunter stated she was introduced to Stuart Robbenolt by Hunter. The woman reported that she knew Robbenolt had been to prison and was befriended by Hunter while they both were incarcerated at the same Michigan prison facility. The woman reported that Hunter had Robbenolt reside with her and Hunter for a period of time, and that Hunter admitted to befriending Robbenolt while they were incarcerated in the same prison together. Robbenolt served nearly 15 years for criminal sexual conduct and, according to Hunter’s acquaintance, allegedly has some sort of intellectual deficit. 

A search of the hard drive of a computer provided by Kathleen Hunter, according to an Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) agent, revealed Robbenolt’s personal information, including his social security benefits and GM retirement information. 

The computer had information that connected Hunter having access to the computer and using the computer. A MSP investigator will testify during the show cause hearing that during the course of a Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry (PSOR) investigation involving Stuart Robbenolt, Hunter’s female acquaintance admitted being introduced to Robbenolt by Hunter. The woman stated to the investigator that Hunter would have Hunter sign over his checks to her and that she would cash them for Hunter.

In addition, the MSP investigator was present during a search of a 2008 Range Rover in Hunter’s possession and found numerous documents with Robbenolt's name on them.

Count 2 – Contact Field Agent 

Hunter’s parole officer is scheduled to testify that he took a report from Hunter on August 31, 2016, and questioned him about who would be accompanying him to his purported UMHS medical appointment. 

Hunter reported that his mother, Kathleen Hunter, was the only person who would be traveling from Charlevoix to Ann Arbor with him. 

However, Kathleen Hunter later reported to the parole officer that she did not accompany her son to Ann Arbor. The parole officer spoke with the person identified by Kathleen Hunter as accompanying her son, whose name was redacted, who admitted to traveling with Hunter to Ann Arbor. 

Count 3 - Comply with GPS 

Hunter’s probation officer will testify Hunter received approval to attend his UMHS medical appointment in Ann Arbor, and that he was ordered to return to his home placement in Charlevoix unless he was admitted to the hospital. Hunter was not admitted. Instead of returning to Charlevoix, Hunter instead went to the Oakland County home of his cousin, Nate Scott.

Count 4 – Failed to return to home placement 

Probation officer will also testify that he verbally ordered Hunter to return to Charlevoix on August 31, 2016 and that Hunter failed to do so as ordered. 

Count 5 – Consent to search A MSP trooper is expected to testify that on August 31, 2016, he ordered Hunter, at his parole officer’s instructions, to provide his cell phone passcode. Hunter furnished several bogus passcodes that did not unlock the phone. 

Count 6 – Curfew Hunter violated his curfew, failing to return from Oakland County to his approved residence in Charlevoix on August 31, 2016.  

Hunter's probation history, background

The MDOC report includes an assessment of Hunter's adjustment to parole, and it's an eye-opening description. 

Here's an excerpt:

“From the onset of parole supervision, parolee has attempted to manipulate his supervising agent(s) through various attempts at befriending them. In addition, parolee attempted to Facebook "friend" an MDOC institution staff member and was the subject of an investigation involving this. Parolee was found in possession of Hawaii identification even though he is no longer a resident of the State of Hawaii. Parolee was using this ID in order to drive a 2008 Range Rover SUV that parolee reported his mother had purchased for him. Parolee would not be eligible for Michigan Driver's license as he owes back child support in both Michigan and Hawaii - in excess of $20,000. This resulted in active warrants since being paroled for failing to pay.”

According to the MDOC report, on July 23, 2016, Hunter was a passenger in the Range Rover, which was stopped in the Charlevoix area. Hunter tested positive for alcohol, was detained and served time in Grand Traverse County jail on probation violation charges.

Hunter was subsequently released, ordered to submit to daily pbt's (Preliminary Breath Testing).

While on daily pbt's, the agent in charge of Hunter’s parole supervision noted that results were coming from Traverse City, MI, Bellaire, MI and Oakland County. The agent sent law enforcement to Hunter’s reported Charlevoix residence during curfew hours. A police officer spoke with Hunter’s nephew, who reported Hunter was not actually living in the home, only using the address. 

A parole agent ordered Hunter to report. 

Hunter reported to an agent and provided a hotel receipt from a Sheraton Hotel in Oakland County that was paid with a credit card. After this agent completed a violation investigation, (Hunter's second) it was determined Hunter had violated 4 counts of his parole, including making a false report, changing address without permission, using an FTD (financial transaction device) and curfew violation. 

Hunter was detained for 10 days in the Grand Traverse County jail and placed on a GPS tether. 

Extortion investigation

In early August 2016, Hunter’s parole agent received information alleging Hunter had been involved in fraudulent/criminal behavior since his release from prison, primarily involving a former MDOC inmate/sex offender Stuart Robbenolt. 

The agent met with Robbenolt and, during the interview, Robbenolt reported that Hunter had been taking cash from him via a bank account Hunter assisted in having set up. Robbenolt reported that Hunter protected him while in prison from other inmates and in return when Robbenolt was released Hunter remained in contact, telling Robbenolt that he “owed” him for this. 

Mr. Robbenolt reported that David Hunter had him shuffled between multiple residences, including one belonging to Hunter’s former girlfriend, before being moved into the Charlevoix home owned by Hunter's mother, Kathleen Hunter, Hunter’s last reported address.

Robbenolt reported that Hunter had Robbenolt make Kathleen Hunter his power of attorney over his finances. 

Hunter would then have access to Robbenolt’s money, which he would then take and use it for himself. Robbenolt reported that Hunter frequently purchased alcohol to drink in his presence, and Robbenolt indicated he was not free to go where he pleased. 

Based on what Robbenolt reported, the MDOC report alleges coercion and a level of threatening behavior by Hunter directed at Robbenolt to keep him Hunter’s control for financial exploitation. 

The Robbenolt extortion matter has been referred to the MSP for a criminal investigation. 

The MSP Gaylord Post has been provided with relevant information, including bank statements and a copy of a check drafted on Robbenolt's bank account made payable to Hunter’s mother, Kathleen Hunter.

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