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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

VIOLATED! David Damante On The Glide Path Back To Federal Prison; Federal Court Document Unsealed Yesterday Reveals Egregious Pattern Of Deception & Financial Abuse

My name is David Damante, and I'm a con man. You may know me as David Diamante or Robert Damante, just two of the names I've used.


You won't be.

Yesterday, a federal court unsealed a five-page document packed with details of my latest con—violations of my supervised release which will send me back to federal prison a third time since my 2014 wire fraud conviction.

It looks like David Damante's ticket to board the Recidivism Express is about to be punched.

A November 7, 2019 federal “Addendum To Petition”, originally filed under seal by the Las Vegas Federal Probation Office, was made public late yesterday.

The document lays out a string of probation violations revealing that, in the words of the United States Probation Officer who submitted the report, “Damante’s conduct remains unchanged and he continues to display a contemptuous attitude”.


Employment Restrictions: Prohibition Against Self-Employment

On September 14, 2019, Damante, on behalf of Pawfect Protein Bitez was in communication with Affiliate Nutra LLC to produce “Vegan, Organic Protein Treats.” 

Damante met the operations manager of Affiliate Nutra at the Mr. Olympia convention in Las Vegas on or about September 14, 2019. Damante represented himself as the owner of Pawfect Protein Bitez and was requesting Affiliate Nutra arrange for the manufacturing of his “patented formula” dog treats. 

In addition, Damante was in communications with Affiliate Nutra to produce some type of energy capsule. Damante provided Affiliate Nutra with a “formula” for which he wanted Affiliate Nutra to arrange for the manufacturing in capsule form. 

Damante was engaging in self-employment without the knowledge and/or approval of the Court. 

Damante directed his then-fiancĂ© to open a business checking account with Bank of America on behalf of Pawfect Protein Bitez LLC. 

Damante provided the woman with an LLC for Pawfect Protein Bitez, dated July 1, 2019 listing her as 100% owner. 

On October 11, 2019, in Los Angles, California, the woman established a business account for Pawfect Protein Bitez at the direction of Damante. 
Be Truthful: Answer Truthfully All Inquiries By Probation Officer

Damante is required to submit a truthful and complete written monthly report within the first five days of each month, to include listing all vehicles either owned and/or operated by him. 

Damante is driving black Nissan sedan bearing Nevada plates 189 J34 that he is not reporting to probation. Damante is in possession of a black Nissan sedan that he was not disclosing to probation. 

On November 6, 2019, Damante was contacted at his residence, where the Probation Officer asked Damante if he has a vehicle or is driving a vehicle. 

Damante stated no. 

The black Nissan bearing Nevada plates 189 J34 was parked in front of his condominium. Damante failed to answer this inquiry truthfully. 

True Name- You must use your true name at all times and will be prohibited from the use of any aliases, false dates of birth, social security numbers, places of birth, and any other pertinent demographic information 

On November 1, 2019, the undersigned received a call from a woman advising she met Damante in July 2019 at a convention in Las Vegas. The woman entered in a relationship with Damante, and reported that Damante told her his name was “David Diamante”, an alias he uses. 

Must Not Leave District - You must not knowingly leave the federal judicial district where you are authorized to reside without first getting permission from the court or the probation officer. 

On November 1, 2019, the Probation Officer received a call the woman who'd advised she was in a dating relationship with Damante after having met him at a convention in Las Vegas. 

The woman resides outside of Nevada, and reported that over the past several months Damante had visited her in on multiple occasions. 

On September 28, 2019, the woman reported that Damante proposed marriage to her. The woman provided photos of her and Damante at the location on this date along with a parking pass dated September 28, 2019, for the vehicle Damante is currently in possession of. 

Damante has been outside of Nevada without authorization. 

According to the Addendum, Damante has lead the woman into believing he was going to marry her, claiming he would be paying for an extravagant wedding in November 2019 at the tune of $100,000. 

In the process, Damante had the woman meeting with realtors to rent a home for them to reside together after their marriage. 

Moreover, Damante and the woman visited a Lamborghini dealership outside of Nevada where Damante was negotiating with the sales agent to purchase a vehicle. (What, not a Ferrari?). 

The woman went on to explain when she first met Damante, he informed her he was the owner of Pawfect Protein Bitez LLC and persuaded her to join him in a joint venture. 

Damante created LLC documents listing the woman as 100% owner to use her as nominee to shield his name from the business. Damante further requested the woman to solicit investors for the business, which she did but reported she was unsuccessful in getting anyone to invest. 

Then, on October 11, 2019, just three days after making an initial appearance on violation proceedings, Damante directed the woman to open a business account for Pawfect Protein Bitez, telling her monies will be wired into the account shortly. 

Damante, the "Fugazi" gangster
According to the woman, Damante explained to her that his father was “organized crime” and years ago he helped his father shield assets from the Federal Government; and for doing so is unable to establish any accounts in his name. 

The woman stated she learned of Damante’s true name when he sent her a photo of him visiting his mother’s gravesite in Sacramento, California. 

From this photo she was able to see the spelling of the last name. She conducted a Google search and was extremely upset and hurt to learn who Damante really was.

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