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Thursday, August 15, 2019

“YOU MUST NOT ENGAGE IN IN ANY SELF-EMPLOYMENT” Convicted Felon David Damante Violates Terms Of His Supervised Release In A Remarkably Sordid Way; “Nude/Erotic, Fetish” Webcam Performer

David Damante, who's under federal supervision after serving time for a 2018 probation revocation, is willing to travel for the right job—as a webcam performer.

Damante's resume (if you want to call it that) appears on SexyJobs, revealing his search for a gig as a model, webcam performer...or message therapist.

Under the stage name “Ferraridave”, Damante's profile indicates he's willing to relocate for the right job, another violation of the terms of his release.

In addition, Damante's looking for work as a “Nude/Erotic, Fetish” soft or hardcore performer.

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