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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY: David Damante's Dubious Dog Treat Company, “PAWfect Protein Bitez”, Exhibiting Today At SuperZoo (A National Retail Trade Expo & Conference) In Las Vegas...With A Product Purported To Be The “OFFICIAL AND EXCLUSIVE DOG TREAT OF THE DALLAS MAVERICKS!” (Just Wait Until Mark Cuban Finds Out!)

Oh, did I forget to mention PAWfect lacks a Nevada Commercial Feed license, required to sell pet food in the state? (Well, I guess I just did!)

David Damante (the dawg shown at left with a real dog), currently under federal supervision by the Las Vegas probation office, has apparently violated one of the terms of his supervision—a prohibition against self-employment.

And, to make it even more outrageous, the pet food treat business Damante's involved with, (PAWfect Protein Bitez), lacks the required Nevada license to legally sell pet food in the state.

And here's the cherry on this fraud sundae: Damante and his business partner, Austin J. Feldman, are currently manning booth 555 at the SuperZoo pet food trade show at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Today...right now.

The expo runs from August 20-22.

Pawfect Protein Bitez, LLC was formed on April 18, 2018 in New Mexico, four days after David Damante registered the domain name under his name at a Las Vegas address. New Mexico, notorious for its corporate secrecy, makes it nearly impossible to determine who actually formed the company. (The company is not registered in Nevada as a Foreign, non-Nevada corporation, required to legally conduct business in the state.)

However, Scottsdale, Arizona resident Feldman publicly identifies himself variously as the VP of Business Development or the Chief Operations Officer of PAWfect.

Feldman is also a business associate of another Arizona resident, Jerry Frawley, one of four people Damante is barred from any interaction with under the terms of his current federal supervision.

The same Las Vegas address (5171 Lindell Road, #104, Las Vegas, NV 89118) Damante used in 2018 to register PAWfect's domain also appears on packaging as the company's address.
On Friday, August 16, a spokesperson with Nevada's Department of Agriculture confirmed to me in an email that PAWfect lacked the required Commercial Feed Registration license required to sell pet food/treats in the state, and (as of August 16) had not even applied for the license.

In addition, the Instagram account for PAWfect claims it is the "Official and exclusive Dog Treat of the DALLAS MAVERICKS!". 

I've contacted the Mavericks' media office and, as of this morning, I have not heard from the team. As soon as I have a response, I'll publish it.

Until then, if you're at SuperZoo in Las Vegas, stop by the PAWfect booth—and tell David Damante that Anita said hello.

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