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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

SCIENTOLOGY CREEPS INTO SMALL-TOWN MICHIGAN: Per Wickstrom's “Living Solutions Center” Stealth Expansion Continues; Education Façade Conceals Scientology Front Group's Recruiting Purpose

The Church of Scientology would like you to believe that Applied Scholastics is an educational program and merely a “Scientology-related entity.” 

To quote Public Enemy, “don’t believe the hype”.

As I revealed on May 1, 2017, Michigan Scientologist Per Wickstrom is using his drug treatment centers as bases for the spread of his Living Solutions Centers, planting his “flag” first here in Michigan in Manistee and Battle Creek. Since then, Wickstrom has expanded to Fort Wayne, Indiana and rural Harrison, Michigan.

Applied Scholastics functions as an educational organization to spread L. Ron Hubbard courses and Scientology ethics and beliefs in their schools. All schools licensed by Applied Scholastics are Scientology schools staffed and directed by Scientologists. 

Pitched as a peerless learning method allowing a person to learn any subject successfully, Hubbard's “Study Technology” (Study Tech) is founded on three principles: 

(1) use pictures and diagrams to illustrate the concepts being taught, 
(2) break down complex concepts so they can be mastered in a series of simple steps, and 
(3) always seek definitions for unfamiliar terms. 

These rules make sense and are harmless enough when phrased in plain English. But the Study Tech books present them in a different manner. The three principles are called "mass", "gradients", and "misunderstoods": special terms that are loaded with significance in the Scientology religion. And these concepts are presented in a doctrinaire manner that is also characteristic of Scientology religious instruction. Study Tech actually helps lay the groundwork for introducing Scientology into the schools. 

Since May, Wickstrom's Manistee Living Solutions Center has been joined by locations in Battle Creek and Harrison, Michigan, along with one in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Even worse, Wickstrom's Living Solutions Centers are looking for children—and they're coming for your kids. Here's the pitch the Fort Wayne location is using:

We at Living Solutions Centers promote and develop programs of effective education for educators, business trainers, tutors, parents, children and any individual who need improved study skills to enhance their scholastic, business and personal activities. Our mission is to provide everybody in the community with the learning tools they need to overcome the barriers of illiteracy and to enhance their abilities to understand and utilize written materials which they must deal with in all aspects of their lives.

In economically depressed Battle Creek, Living Solutions Centers even pitched a coupon offering a 50 percent discount on your first course.

First of many courses, I suppose, if they snag you.

Per Wickstom registered “Living Solutions Centers, Inc.” as a Nevada-based non-profit corporation on August 15, 2016. 

Although an application for a Certificate of Authority to legally transact business in Michigan as a Foreign Nonprofit Corporation was filed on behalf of Living Solutions by Slot Law Group attorney Nathanael Karnes on January 17, 2017, Michigan has yet to issue the certificate. 

Don't say you weren't warned.

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  1. Thanks for exposing the Scientology background of Wickstrom's "unique" program. Nothing but another money scam, and who really believes that each student can get 100% in every subject? Scientology, Wickstrom, Ingersoll and Noss should team up and screw one another financially. The only 100% someone is getting is 100% of the money.