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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

CORRECTING THE RECORD: It Wasn't An “Affidavit Of Indecency”...But It's Still Vulgar

OK, it wasn't really an “affidavit of indecency”, just a colossal mistake.

Although I hoped I'd discovered a new legal tactic used on behalf of Roy Bradley's effort to appeal his tax fraud and conspiracy convictions to the U. S. Sixth Circuit, someone just made a sweet, sweet blunder.
The official case record was corrected late yesterday, with a “Financial Affidavit in Support of Pauper Motion” filed in place of the indecent proposal.

In addition, Bradley's motion to proceed in Forma Pauperis applies to fees only; the attorney, Mark Satawa, will be filing a later motion for indigent defense counsel at a later date. 

In case you just dozed off after “indigent counsel”, a criminal defendant has a constitutional right to an attorney at both the district court and appellate court level. 

Those defendants who are determined to be indigent (unable to afford an attorney) are provided court-appointed counsel.

Publicly-funded counsel, by the way.


  1. Probably just a spelling error on the lawyer or person that wrote it up. But that is pretty funny!

  2. The guy always bragged about how much money he has, yet the court can't find it? Bologna what a bunch of crooks!

  3. Ingersoll and Bradley defy the government every way they can either way they will pay their attorney they're paying for commissary they're paying! They're trying to keep face like they took on the court system but you see where they are now there's no face to save