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Friday, September 22, 2017

ALL IN THE FAMILY: What Do Robert Buckhannon And “Cultiv1260” Have In Common?

Call me crazy, but it looks like another member of the Buckhannon family might be going to pot.

While Robert Buckhannon has MicroCann1260 with his former hedge fund dawg, it appears his brother, Ronald, has dipped his toes in the cannabis pond.

An entity calling itself “Cultiv LLC” registered a domain name (“cultiv1260.com”), a Word Press site still under construction.

As you can see from the image below, the site is still using “dummy text” as descriptive copy for Ron Buckhannon—AKA “The Dude”.

I'm not certain if the man pictured is indeed Buckhannon, as the same image is used to depict Sergio Dula, described as a grower.

Like Robert Buckhannon, Ron Buckhannon flouts the law.

An extensive search for “Cultiv LLC”, the business entity name shown on the site, returned no results.

No South Carolina registration, where Ron Buckhannon is purported to now live. No Nevada corporation or even a Delaware corporation.

And nothing here in Michigan, either.

But the site makes this claim:

“We studied and lived in Peru and our products are inspired by iconic Machu Picchu, which encapsulates some of the sophisticated ingenuity behind the Incan civilizations’ agricultural practices and irrigation techniques. 

Cultiva is dedicated to producing the safest and most effective growing products that will keep your plants and grow operation producing fast results for many years with low maintenance, just like this fascinating wonder of the world in the Andes Mountains.” 

So is it Cultiv...or Cultiva?

I'm betting there's no South Carolina fertilizer license under either name.

But you could always call them at 1-844-CULTIV and ask!

UPDATE: September 23-Just discovered another, likely related site under construction by Ronald Buckhannon: Cultiv Residential Turf Remediation.

“With Culitv 1260 Residential Turf Remediation, you can feel secure, knowing that your family will enjoy a safe-non toxic environment when you step into your outdoor lifestyle. Through years of research, we have developed, tested and perfected an organic-based approach to eliminating the toxins that have been considered acceptable in your families recreational areas. The impact of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides cause long lasting health and environmental implications and are no longer acceptable.” 

Any fertilizer registration in South Carolina? I'll let you know.

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