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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

THE “ELEPHANT” IN THE (CLASS)ROOM: Following The Money...One Bite At A Time

As promised, the exclusive update (originally scheduled for Monday, but delayed by late-breaking news) on the Michigan Department of Education's investigation of the Grand Traverse Academy's flawed decision to write off $1,623,000 owed by former manager, Steven Ingersoll—although the amount could exceed $3.1 million. 

The investigation is focusing on a the GTA board's acceptance of Ingersoll's purported $1.8 million “repayment”, a claim invalidated by evidence presented by the IRS during Ingersoll's federal sentencing hearing. 

This morning, I sent an email to the MDE requesting a key milestone schedule that will wrap up the investigation, including announcing findings, before the end of the current fiscal year (June 30, 2017).

I will publish details exclusively on this blog.



  1. Thank you, Miss Fortune, for keeping at the Michigan Dept of Education and the Attorney General's office on this whole Ingersoll/Noss charter school mess. They should have investigated this years ago and nipped it a lot earlier. We are so lucky to have a person like you who does not let down when injustice and corruption are being done. Again, on behalf of the honest taxpaying public, Thank You!

    1. Two thumbs up to Anonymous and to Miss Fortune! Persistence!