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Friday, May 5, 2017

INVESTIGATION UPDATE: Exclusive Update On Michigan Departmen Of Education Investigation Into Grand Traverse Academy Board's Write-Off

Two years after charter school manager Steven Ingersoll’s March 10, 2015 federal tax evasion and conspiracy convictions, Michigan authorities, including the office of its Attorney General, Bill Schuette, are investigating Ingersoll’s related-party financial transactions, the Grand Traverse Academy's (GTA) debt write off process and its decision not to seek repayment of money that may have been misappropriated by Ingersoll between 2007-2013, estimated at $5.0 million. 

Coming Monday, an exclusive update on the investigation, spurred by my March 31, 2017 complaint to the Michigan Department of Education!


  1. The good, honest taxpaying public cannot thank you enough for your diligence and hard work. You, Miss Fortune, deserve an award for your persistence and efforts to expose all kinds of fraud, especially this one.

  2. Ingersoll's services provided by Smart Schools? Self-serving for control and money, that's all. And Noss's management services are no different - just a way to make money at taxpayers expense.