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Friday, May 26, 2017

“PROTECTING” TRAVERSE CITY STATE BANK OR EXERCISING FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR STUDENTS, EMPLOYEES OF GRAND TRAVERSE ACADEMY: Will GTA Board Skip Another Michigan Finance Authority State Aid Note Pool To Lard Even More Short-Term, High-Interest Debt On Financially Distressed Charter School?

The most critical milestone in this year's Michigan Finance Authority State Aid Note loan process is the first deadline, Friday, June 9, exactly two weeks from today.

Initiating the process requires the Grand Traverse Academy submit four documents, including the qualification letter shown below. 

So there should be no earthly reason, like a badly-timed contretemps with its management company, for the board to miss the deadline this year.



  1. What an atrocity. As a parent whose children go to that school- I am outraged. My children will not be returning to a school in which a corrupt board is not only allowed to run a school into the ground- but it almost seems that they are encouraged to do so. An administration that fails to support its teachers and students is a failing administration. When a teacher is not allowed to ask questions or question a board- there is a problem. GTA has a treasure trove of devoted, amazing teachers and a wonderful student faculty- how this bull shit continues to perpetuate is beyond the scope of my comprehension. There are a lot of livelihoods and academic futures that are being severely impacted here. I am just counting down the days till the end of the school year and my children will be pulled from the school. I will not support them returning to a school that perpetuates gross corruption like this!

    1. Please pass the word to others, especially parents whose children go there. And forewarn others who were/are thinking of that scam of a school management company and its board. You would be doing the parents, their children, and taxpayers a tremendous favor by letting them know what is the real story behind the whole mask called GTA. What's really behind the mask is nothing but corruption, manipulation and fraud. Pray that the good teachers and support staff get jobs elsewhere.

    2. Maybe it's time to notify other local press like the Ticker, Express, Grand Traverse Woman, etc- since the Record Eagle seems to not care/ water down the scandal to the point of not making the story news worthy.

    3. What makes you think I haven't tried?

    4. I think it just surprises people that this stuff does not make the news. It is amazing how much of it is hidden and kept from the public. AG may pursue this, hoping for the publicity on the campaign trail. Hopefully, he can handle it - I do not even care if he gets good press - just want him to handle it.