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Thursday, February 26, 2015

"QUASH SOUP" UPDATE: Grand Traverse Academy Attorney Kerry Morgan Files Supplemental Brief; Court Documents Reveal Morgan Is Representing Full Spectrum Management Employee


Grand Traverse Academy attorney Kerry L. Morgan, in response to an ordered filed yesterday by U. S. District Judge Thomas L. Ludington, just filed a supplemental brief today regarding three GTA-related individuals he represents who've been subpoenaed by the government to testify in Steven Ingersoll's federal fraud trial.

Morgan filed an appearance notice on behalf of current GTA board member Lesley Werth, Heidi S. Weber (currently an employee of Full Spectrum Management and formerly with Steven Ingersoll's Smart Schools Management) and Mark Noss. Now the head of the Academy's education service provider, Full Spectrum Management, Noss was a longtime GTA board member and most recently served as its president

Noss resigned from the Academy board at a March 19, 2014 special meeting, but official Board records reveal the resignation was not "effective immediately".

In a relationship that's reminiscent of a famous scene from the movie "Chinatown", Noss' "my school board/my management company" wango-tango kept right on going, at least through the Academy's April 11, 2014 meeting.

In a potential violation of Michigan's conflict-of-interest laws, Noss (at that time already the head of Full Spectrum Management) and sitting Academy board member called it in—attending the April 11, 2014 meeting via phone.

Morgan's brief states that "the Attorney-Client correspondence dated May 30, 2013 and sought to be quashed was addressed to him (meaning Noss) as President of the Board."

Morgan represents the Grand Traverse Academy, a current Academy board member (Lesley Werth), a former Academy board member (Noss) and the Academy's current "keeper of records", Heidi Weber.

While all three mentioned in the supplemental brief were served with subpoenas to testify by the federal government, Weber was also served with a "document subpoena" by defense attorney Jan Geht. 

Geht represents Steven Ingersoll, and had asked Weber to produce "certain GTA records kept in the ordinary course of GTA's business."

Those records have been produced by Weber.

Morgan has served as "interim counsel" to the Grand Traverse Academy, having been retained in July 2014.

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