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Friday, February 13, 2015

B IS FOR "BLOCK BUSTER": Mr. Ingersoll's Neighborhood-Part Deux

You can almost hear the real estate sales spiel describing this Bay City house seduced and abandoned by Steven Ingersoll during his now-infamous "Front Porch Renaissance", a broker desperate to convince you this dump's a bargain at twice the price: you'll love it, it's cooled in the winter and heated in the summer!

The former Newell Eddy house, at 615 N. Grant Street in Bay City, is one a string of abandoned homes along Grant owned by companies controlled by Steven Ingersoll or owned outright by him. 

As this blog reported yesterday, in early 2009 Ingersoll began a "historically correct" restoration of the house, claiming he would sink $200,000 in the home built around 1870. The available evidence shows that did not happen. 

And the ownership details on the property are murky.

The official Bay County record shows that Paul and Michelle Gorski are named as the property's owners, but that information may not be completely up-to-date, as the Gorskis divorced in 2013.

Bay County property sale records show Steven Ingersoll acquired the home from Richard A. Haken on January 2, 2009 and list his 1725 Carlisle Farms Drive home in Traverse City under "taxpayer information".

Taxpayer, huh? 

Somebody needs to rattle a tin cup—Ingersoll owes over $3,000 in property taxes to Bay City on this boarded-up beauty.

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