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Friday, February 6, 2015


US District Judge Thomas L. Ludington filed an order this morning striking Steven Ingersoll's proposed voir dire and exhibit list.

Back on May 29, 2014, Judge Patricia T. Morris issued a scheduling order setting guidelines for pretrial matters in the case. The scheduling order provided that proposed voir dire, proposed jury instructions, and exhibit lists must be submitted via the Utilities function of CM/ECF (the federal judiciary's Case Management/Electronic Case Files system). 

The scheduling order clarified that “any document required to be ‘submitted to chambers’ as opposed to ‘filed with the Court’
shall be accomplished through CM/ECF via the ‘proposed order’ link located under the Utilities section.” 

Because Ingersoll's defense filed his proposed voir dire and his exhibit list on the docket and not through CM/ECF, those documents were stricken.

However, on January 8, 2015, Ludington directed the parties to file witness lists on the docket. Ingersoll’s Notice of Second Addendum to Witness List will not be stricken. 

More motion details as they become available, only from Miss Fortune!

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