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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WASHED UP MICHIGAN REALITY "STAR" ACCUSED OF RUNNING A PYRAMID SCHEME: Former "Survivor" Contestant Michael Skupin Under Investigation by Michigan Attorney General

So it's not just the GED girls from "Teen Mom" with their Dynel weaves making a mockery of reality stardom!

The putz shown at left is metro Detroit resident Michael Skupin, who appeared on "Survivor" and is best known as "the guy who took a header into the fire".

Skupin is reportedly under investigation by the Michigan Attorney General for running a pyramid scheme based on "the airplane game", an unsustainable, exponential progression financial networking scam popular in the early 1990s.

The AG is investigating Skupin's website called "Pay It Forward". Through the site, Skupin invites people to invest in his scheme, which he explains as follows: "there are 15 squares on each chart. You progress through these charts as other people like yourself enroll. When you get to the bottom of the chart or matrix, which takes as little as 16 people, you get into a position called the 'money spot'. In this post you collect the value that you came in with x8."

And if you don't believe what you read, here's the man himself to explain it in a video (OK, I did take a little poetic license with the name):
I Have Eight Kids And Two Ex-Wives...What Do You Expect Me To Do? 

It's likely that the video will be deleted shortly, but it was live as I posted this story. 

Skupin, who is a self-described "author and motivational speaker", was recently kicked out of his White Lake Township home in Oakland County...but that's what happens when you don't make mortgage payments for 18 months.

And Skupin's second wife claims he owes more than $8,000 in child support.

It looks to your girl Miss Fortune that Mike Skupin went from "Survivor" to "Reality Bites".

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