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Friday, January 17, 2014

ANOTHER BUCKHANNON MYTH DEBUNKED? State of Colorado Confirms No Record Robert Buckhannon Ever Held A State Liquor License!


In a January 7, 2013 story that appeared in the Battle Creek Enquirer, Robert Buckhannon told reporter Jennifer Bowman that "he previously owned a sports bar in Colorado" before returning to Michigan.

But Miss Fortune can reveal exclusively that a state official confirmed just moments ago that there is no record of Buckhannon ever holding a Colorado liquor license.

In an email to Miss Fortune, Daria Serna, Communications Director for Colorado's Department of Revenue (the body that regulates liquor licensing in the state) confirmed that a complete search of the state's license database shows no one by the name of Robert Buckhannon ever holding a Colorado State Liquor License.

That's right, Taylor Swift, never ever ever!

Is it possible Buckhannon invested in or managed a Colorado sports bar or dragged a wet rag across the bar?

Sure, but why stretch the truth?

But, in the words of the Dennis Rodman (by way of Groucho Marx), who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?

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