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Thursday, January 30, 2014

FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE TO BEYOND THE PALE: Anti-Gay Activist Gary Glenn And His Charlton Heston Radio Commercial Featured In Saginaw News Story...And Without Irony!

Dead men tell no tales, they don't wear plaid, and they cannot endorse a political candidate...except in Saginaw News Land.

With a headline that looks like it came straight from the front page of The Onion, America's favorite satirical news source, the Saginaw News picked up a story your girl Miss Fortune broke two days ago--the story of Gary Glenn's new radio commercial featuring the late actor Charlton Heston.

Only the Saginaw News played it as straight as Marcus Bachmann--sans irony, Sansabelt and a whole lot of other 'sanses' too numerous to mention.

The article, written by News reporter Mark Tower, appears to have enjoyed the full cooperation of candidate Glenn.  

Here's an excerpt from the Saginaw News story:

LARKIN TOWNSHIP, MI — Gary Glenn, Republican candidate for state representative in Michigan, has no shortage of big-name endorsements, from Mike Huckabee to Tom Monaghan.

But, arguably, his most famous political booster is Charlton Heston, the acclaimed actor and political activist who died in 2008.
Glenn, 55, has posted a radio advertisement that features Heston's voice, speaking in support of Right to Work laws and broadly endorsing Glenn.

In the ad, Heston says Glenn "tells the truth and he fights for it."
"Today, America needs leaders like Gary Glenn," he says. "I trust Gary Glenn to fight for all of us."

Jeffrey C. Briggs, Heston's longtime attorney, finally confirmed in an email to Miss Fortune that the Glenn campaign had sought and received permission from the Heston estate to use the late actor's image and voice in the audio commercial. [NOTE: The initial post that broke the news of the commercial did not include this confirmation, as the campaign did not respond to Miss Fortune's repeated attempts for a comment.]

But a check of MLive's comments on this story late this afternoon reveals this astute statement from that noted campaign ethics sage, Mark Tower:

My point exactly!

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