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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

"THE SUBPOENAS ARE FLYING. HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH!" Independent Bank Files "Notice of Intention" To Serve Multiple Subpoenas In Full Spectrum Management Bankruptcy Adversary Case

Independent Bank's attorney, Sandra Hamilton, is digging like a woodchuck!

A notice filed May 10, 2021 by Hamilton in U. S. Bankruptcy Court for Michigan's Western District revealed a series of subpoenas relating to Full Spectrum Management's bankruptcy adversary case would shortly be issued, ordering Traverse City-based Rehmann, Padgett Business Services, Harris Group CPAs and CPA Lee Torrey to produce "documents, information, objects" to Hamilton by June 1, 2021.

Noss reported to the Grand Traverse Academy during a February 2, 2017 board meeting that he'd hired Rehmann as Full Spectrum's accountant. 

In addition, it appears from the information contained in the May 10 filing that Noss used the services of at least two other Certified Public Accountants (Ron Harris and Lee Torrey) for his personal and business tax returns.

For background on the Full Spectrum Management adversary action (available only on this blog), click on this link.



  1. A forensic data attack. Slodgy and picky, but just might do the trick!

  2. Here's crossing our fingers that it does do the trick!

    1. The parties have no choice--the subpoena compels document deliver to Independent Bank's attorney.

  3. Rehmann + Torrey cross referencing should prove interesting.