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Monday, March 29, 2021

TURNS OUT, IT'S CRIMINALLY EASY TO REGISTER A COPYRIGHT IN CANADA: The Canadian Intellectual Property Office "Does Not Verify Ownership" Before Granting Registration, Allowing Convicted Felon Rob Carbone To Easily Register Canada Infrastructure Bank Act


As promised in an earlier post, I conducted an investigation of Rob Carbone's recent copyright of Canada's Infrastructure Bank Act, and was startled to learn how easy it was to pull it off.

Turns out, under the Canadian copyright registration system there is "no formal examination process" of an application.

According to an email I received yesterday from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, the Office "does not verify ownership, or any other particulars provided on the application form."

In Canada, if an application is filed "containing all the required information fields and accompanied by the prescribed registration fee", the registration is granted.


Carbone didn't jump through any hoops to copyright the Canadian Infrastructure Bank Act, but he's not in charge of Canada's banks.


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