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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

CANADIAN LUNATIC CLAIMS TORONTO CON MAN ROB CARBONE IS "IN CHARGE OF CANADAS BANKS" : No, He Isn't, But Someone In Canada's Intellectual Property Office Has Some Explaining To Do!


A Canadian lunatic, who goes by the name "Chris Sky", recently claimed in a bizarre Instagram post that Rob Carbone is in charge of Canada's banks.

Frantically waving around his so-called "proof", Sky claimed Carbone "is in charge of Canadas (sic) banks", and that Sky is set to become "minister of finance for the republican party and have control of canadas banks registered to him", making him a police target.

Sky's so-called "proof" is Rob Carbone's February 15, 2021 literary copyright registration of the "Canada Infrastructure Bank Act", formally made law on June 22, 2017

Here's the official record of Registration Number 1178662:


How Carbone managed to copyright a Canadian law (officially authored by Justin Trudeau) from the comfort of his plush Toronto condo is beyond me, but I'll investigate.


In the meantime, Chris Sky (AKA Christopher Saccoccia) is still as crazy as a shithouse rat.

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