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Friday, July 3, 2020

DEADLINE, SCHMEADLINE! NO REPLY: Mark Noss/Full Spectrum Management July 1 Adversary Complaint Response Deadline Passes Without A Response From Noss Or An Explanation From The Court; Steven Ingersoll Never Responded To April 2020 Complaint

Adversary complaint? 

What adversary complaint?

If you were waiting to read Mark Noss's response to the stunning Adversary Complaint filed against him April 30, 2020 by Full Spectrum Management's Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee, Kelly M. Hagan, you'll be disappointed to learn the July 1 extended deadline passed without a peep from Noss.

The adversary complaint filed April 30, 2020 in federal bankruptcy court by Hagan revealed just one day after Mark Noss sent his now-infamous “Succession Plan” email to the Grand Traverse Academy's Board of Directors, breathlessly pleading with them to avoid a devastating “media expos√©” by formally approving a “new management contract” with his newly-hatched Full Spectrum Management, LLC, he signed a secret agreement with Steven Ingersoll—one requiring a $12,500 monthly payment from Noss to Ingersoll, purportedly for use of Ingersoll's hocus-pocus-I-can't-focus-technology. 

Noss covertly enabled Ingersoll's head-hog-at-the-trough behavior to continue for years after Ingersoll he left his management perch at the Grand Traverse Academy in March 2014 shortly before he was indicted on tax fraud charges

A federal jury found Ingersoll guilty of three of the six criminal counts he faced stemming from his rapacious tear through the finances of two charter schools, the Bay City Academy and Grand Traverse Academy. 

Ingersoll was convicted of two counts of attempting to evade or defeat tax and one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States. The jury exonerated him of three counts of fraud by wire, radio, or television.

Wonder why it's taken so long for Noss to answer the Adversary Complaint's allegations...maybe he broke his pencil.

Trustee asserts in April 30, 2020 complaint that while Noss maintained Steven Ingersoll, and Ingersoll's business entities, would no longer have any connection or relationship with the Grand Traverse Academy, Noss diverted nearly $1.0 million from Full Spectrum Management, classifying the withdrawals as “Owner’s Draws”, to pay to himself and directing payments from Full Spectrum to be made to Steven Ingersoll (or his related entities) for “consulting fees and/or license fees”—to the detriment of Independent Bank (formerly Traverse City State Bank) and Full Spectrum’s other creditors.

Not a peep.


  1. Love your creative "art work," Miss Fortune! Again, thank you for the real news on those two crooks. We can count on you for the truth behind the curtain, not "fake news."

  2. They played the man-behind-the-curtain. Not really the wizards they built themselves to be in their heads, after all.