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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

THE SILENCE OF THE...HENS? On The Eve Of Second Round Superintendent Candidate Interviews, Mavens Behind 'TCAPS Transparency In Education' Facebook Account Delete “Catty” Comments About This Blog; “This Blogger Has Awoken The Hens”

“GQU has captivated the attention of a vocal minority who are using her weak post from May 10 to cast doubt and make catty assumptions about a highly qualified candidate.”

To paraphrase Forest Gump, catty is as catty does.

The term “catty”, a sexually biased way of describing an unhealthy way women act on an otherwise healthy feeling of competitiveness, was used by a commenter during a now-deleted discussion of a post featured on my blog.

That post questioned the hasty resignation of Denise Herrman, named one of two TCAPS Superintendent finalists, from her position as Superintendent of Roseville Joint Union High School District the same day her selection was announced.

Instead of contacting me directly, the following discussion was publicly posted on Facebook last week.

One commenter contradictorily mused, in a backhanded compliment sort of way, “this blogger has awoken the hens. We should take note of whether or not it might influence decision makers.”

This morning, the exchange was trimmed from the 'Transparency' Facebook page, including one reader who posed a reasonable solution to this tempest-in-a-TCAPS: “Isn’t it the job of the search firm to perform due diligence on candidates? Should they not assist in sorting through this news to help determine if it means anything?”

Here's what I want to know: just who are these so-called “hens”?

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  1. You do a great job! And there is nothing you say that isn't true! The only question I have is what is wrong with people? In my opinion what I have seen most of the people involved are the dumbest people I've heard speak! Seems like nothing but corrupt Crooks in that town