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Sunday, May 10, 2020

IS THE TRAVERSE CITY FILM FESTIVAL IN “TURNAROUND”? TCFF Website Deletes Previously Announced 2020 Dates; Will Cherry Festival & Interlochen Arts Festival Cancellations Spur Film Festival Status Announcement?

5/11/20 UPDATE: Michael Moore officially announced the festival's cancellation.

It appears the Traverse City Film Festival may be on the cusp of a major announcement—the cancellation of this year's event due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As recently as late April, the festival's website prominently featured the dates for this year's event: July 28-August 2.
However, a check this morning reveals the projected dates have been deleted.
Back on April April 16, Festival President and Founder, Michael Moore, posted this TCFF COVID-19 update:

The Board and staff of the Traverse City Film Festival has been closely monitoring the situation regarding the pandemic and how it is affecting the decisions we will make about the festival and our two year-round theaters. Before the Governor issued her order to shut down all theaters statewide, we had already taken social distancing measures in our theaters, limiting the numbers of seats sold and sanitizing and disinfecting seats and counters all day. I began my own research and reporting about the coronavirus back in January and have a pretty good handle on what we’re up against. 

The State and Bijou theaters are closed and will remain so until further notice. We will soon announce the status of the film festival and as to whether it will be postponed until next year, moved a few months later, or operate as a virtual festival. One thing is certain: we will do nothing that puts any staff, volunteers, or the public in any jeopardy. In order to reduce the threat of the virus, ALL of us must self-isolate and take care of ourselves. 

Look for an announcement explaining the short and long term plans for TCFF in the coming days. It is likely many of the businesses that have been shuttered recently may not reopen. We do not intend to let that happen. And we are committed to bringing Traverse City back to life when this is over. Thank you to all who have expressed their support for our work. We’re still changing the marquee each week. 

Take Care, Michael Moore 

I suspect Moore will soon make an announcement about this year's TCFF―but only if he can tear himself away from MSNBC.

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