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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

LOOKIN' FOR LOVE ON LUXY IN LAS VEGAS: David Damante Looking For Love (And New Victims); Chronic Fraudster Relaunches “Ferrari Dave” Site, Replaced @siciliansunlover Instagram Account With Fresh @ferraridave43...Just Days After He Pitched The Sale Of “Basquiat Helicopter Cityscape”, A Painting Purportedly Owned By Florida Residents Mary and Gary Robinson!

As we used to say in Brooklyn, oy vey ist mir!

David Damante, the center of an ongoing art fraud scam, has begun the media rollout for season two of “Me & Lu”, the story that began (where else?) in prison. 

Damante recently ditched his longtime Instagram account (@siciliansunlover), replacing it several days ago with @ferraridave43

Describing himself on Instagram as a “serial Entrepreneur looking for good business opportunities”, Damante gives himself the catchy handle, “Dave Ferrari”.

A derivation of that name (FerrariDave) shows up on Luxy, a dating site billed as a kind of “Tinder minus the poor people.” 

It offers to “income verify” its members to ensure that only the highest caliber of young ballers society has to offer are able to bang each other. 

Male members must have a minimum income of $200k annually, verified via tax records, or their profiles are removed. (Looks like Damante found a loophole!)

Although he'd previously denied any association with Scottsdale, Arizona based Pawfect Protein Bitez, LLC, Damate's Luxy profile bills him as its “Founder-Owner”.

Shortly after he left Terminal Island in February 2017, using a painting secured with the assistance of Lu Quan, and aided by Las Vegas attorney, Scott Michael Cantor, Damante (using the fictitious last name, Diamante), signed false affidavits, obtained an appraisal from a woman falsely portraying herself as an official member of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA), used forged letters reputed to have been issued by the Authentication Committee of the Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat, and created forged insurance documents purportedly issued by a British firm specializing in cargo and freight liability.

Damante's first victims, Rick Belcastro and Brandon Holmes, signed a formal Transfer Agreement on August 15, 2017. Belcastro and Holmes advanced Damante $25,000, and in exchange for a $335,000 note, Damante offered the pair a 2.5% interest in the artwork he called “Helicopter”.

But, here's the thing: on his now-scrapped @siciliansunlover Instagram account, Damante offered the same painting for sale less than three weeks ago!

There's more crossover between the two Damante Instagram accounts.

Several weeks ago, Damante posted this picture on his @siciliansunlover Instagram, and it appears on the new account.

I've superimposed the earlier account's description on this image, online this morning.

Should be easy for law enforcement to run the plate and check its ownership.

Damante has revived his personal site, including his contact information.

On June 27, 2019, Damante is scheduled to be released from federal supervision as he exits his Las Vegas halfway house.

Unless the feds slap the cuffs on him for the art fraud thing, he'll be free to date...your mom, your sister, or you.

Don't say you weren't warned!