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Sunday, July 1, 2018

DAVID DAMANTE: OK, I DID IT...EXCEPT FOR THE DOGGIE TREAT BUSINESS! Incarcerated Las Vegas Con Man David Damante Admits Violating Terms Of Supervised Release During June 29 Hearing; Next Hearing Set For July 6


During a June 29 court hearing, David Damante admitted violating multiple conditions of his supervised release, but denied any involvement with Pawfect Protein Bitez, LLC.

Damante remains in custody, and his revocation hearing continues on July 6, 2018 in Las Vegas. 

During the June 29 hearing, Damante admitted the following:

—On his April 9, 2018, Declaration of Offender Net Worth and Cash Flow Statements form, Damante was specifically instructed to list all assets, including art, paintings, coin collections, etc. 

However, Damante failed to disclose any assets, simply writing “N/A” in this section. 

On June 22, 2018, during a search of Damante’s vehicle conducted by officers with the United States Probation Office, documents were located in the vehicle bearing his signature purporting ownership of a work of art titled “Helicopter” and another work of art titled “Crack Apple Nights”. 

Damante failed to disclose his ownership/interest in these assets to the probation office. 

—Damante admitted to using “a work of art attributed to the late artist Jean-Michel Basquiat known by the working title “Helicopter” or “Helicopter Cityscape” (shown at left) he purportedly owned to fraudulently obtain $375,000 from Heidi Hegg. 

Using the same piece of “art”, Damante admitted incurring debt in an as yet unknown amount from Maria Alexandra Senecal.

Damante admitted cashing two checks totaling over $50,000 issued to him by Las Vegas attorney, Scott Michael Cantor, from a client trust account. 

However, although Damante registered the entity's domain name (under his own name!), and his picture was featured on a development version of its current e-commerce site, Damante denied any involvement with an Arizona-based doggie treat business, Pawfect Protein Bitez.

Damante admitted to other allegations made in documents that are currently sealed. 

Call me crazy, but I'm guessing new charges will be filed against Damante.

More details as soon as they become available; a 2016 letter from Damante follows.

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  1. This guy's letter is funny.. Think the Judge will buy it? looks like a carbon copy letter that the judge has seen a thousand times.. trying to come off all uneducated and helpless...