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Saturday, March 16, 2019

SKID MARKS! Prominent Michigan Scientologist Per Wickstrom Cracks Up Company Car In Battle Creek; Wickstrom Took Out A Utility Pole With Dodge Durango, Causing “Disabling Front End Damage”

“I was going 25 mph when I should have been going 10 mph.”
Battle Creek Police crash report
January 28, 2019

Court records reveal Wickstrom “denied responsibility”; pretrial hearing set for March 20, 2019 in Calhoun County's 10th District Court.

Per Wickstrom ,who previously claimed he “began his first business when he was 17-years-old and sold Mexican black velvet oil paintings around the country”, crashed a Dodge Durango in Battle Creek, Michigan, at 7:45pm on January 28, 2019.

According to the official crash report (shown below, with Wickstrom's street address redacted), and obtained via a Freedom of Information Act Request from the Battle Creek Police Department, Wickstrom was traveling northbound on Capital Avenue NE, on the curve near Maple Grove when the incident occurred. 

Acknowledging he was going too fast for road conditions, the report noted Wickstrom stated to the responding officer that he was “going 25 mph when he should have been going 10 mph.” 

Wickstrom stated he’d lost control of his vehicle, and slide into a snow bank on the east side of the road. Wickstrom continued to slide until he hit a utility pole, causing “disabling front end damage” on the 2018 Dodge Durango he’d been driving. 

According to the police report, the Durango was registered to LaGrange Country Jeep Dodge—an Indiana-based dealership owned by the Wickstrom family. 

Wickstrom, notorious for his fierce and protracted legal battles on behalf of his shady drug rehab facilities, has retained Battle Creek attorney Mike Toth. 

A pretrial hearing in the case is scheduled for 
Wednesday, March 20 at 10:00am.

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