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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

DAVID DAMANTE MAKES IT HALFWAY...HOUSE, THAT IS: Heading To June 27, 2019 Formal Release Date, Damante Has Transitioned Back To Las Vegas

It's spring...the season for crazy emails?

Last night, I checked my email and found this winner.

I'm guessing David Damante (or one of his associates?) has a renewed interest in the “hey, I have a pile of (fake) Basquiats for collateral..wanna loan me some money?” fraud scheme.

And the only “lean” I know is the one used on Livernois Avenue.

(Look it up.)

Nice try Dave...or should I call you Bella Donnatella?


  1. That's funny to send you a email like that I sure wouldn't want that lady looking out for my interest 2 questions for her 1 are you stupid? 2 are you stupid? LOL

  2. It's a bogus claim.

    There is a "Yamamoto Global Logistics Japan Co., Ltd." in Tokyo, but the company specializes in fine arts transportation. In addition, a check of its executive roster reveals there's no "Mr. Yamamoto".

    And I think that "Bella Donatella" is really that creature shown in the picture--a victim of tooth-whitening overdose.

    Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto!