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Saturday, June 9, 2018

I DO, I DO, I DO, I DO! Serial Monogamist Robert Buckhannon Ties The Knot...Again!

BREAKING NEWS! Robert Buckhannon, Michigan's infamous “crooked chiropractor”, marries for the fourth time.

A document filed this week (June 7) in Buckhannon's federal fraud case claimed Buckhannon wanted to move from Las Vegas to “domicile in Colorado” where he has a job with a pharmaceutical company.

Looks like Buckhannon has already been doing some (ahem) 'domiciling' in the Centennial State...with a new wife, the fourth Mrs. Buckhannon (but who's counting?).

According to Jefferson County, Colorado records, Buckhannon applied for a marriage license on April 2, 2018 to marry Olga Churilova Borisovna. The records, shown below, reveal Buckhannon and Borisovna married the same day. (Gee, it's almost like Buckhannon knew he wouldn't be going to prison!)

Jefferson County is Buckhannon's former Colorado stomping ground, where he lived in this 4,000 square foot Morrison home.

Buckhannon defaulted on the home's mortgage, and the property was later sold by the bank with these disclosures: “This Gorgeous-Executive Home Is On An Amazing Lot With Incredible View Of Denver and The Red Rocks. Property Needs Alot Of Work To Update To Neighboring Million Dollar Homes. No Carpet, A/C and Tile Work Is Not Complete.”

Buckhannon's checkered marital history, detailed on this blog (Serial Monogamy In The Cereal City, and Secret 121 Day Marriage), is matched only by his equally checkered financial history.

And there's news on that front, too!

Clark County, Nevada court records reveal Buckhannon recently defaulted on a subprime auto title loan, stiffing Credit Acceptance Corporation for $14,215.96. An affidavit of service for the March 27, 2018 civil complaint was filed on May 3, 2018. 

Like they say, a leopard doesn't change its stripes!


  1. CAC is the bottom feeder of lenders. Dr Dipshit did not get a title loan he just never made his car payments, period. The only place for this asshole to get financing on a car would be a by here pay here lot. or maybe he can access his new wife's credit...

    1. Thank you for the expert clarification; wonder how this one slipped past his government minders.

      Oh, wait...nobody was watching.