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Friday, June 8, 2018

DID YOU HEAR THE ONE ABOUT THE UNLICENSED CHIROPRACTOR WHO CLAIMED HE HAD A JOB THAT REQUIRED HIM TO TRAVEL THROUGHOUT THE U.S., EUROPE, CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA CONDUCTING “CLINICAL TRIALS”...AFTER HE PLEAD GUILTY TO CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT WIRE FRAUD? Me Neither, But The Feds Bought It And Already Changed Robert Buckhannon's 'Conditions Of Probation'; “Crooked Chiropractor” Buckhannon Claims He’s Employed By An Unnamed “Pharmaceutical Company Based In Colorado”

BREAKING NEWS! Robert Buckhannon, Michigan's infamous “crooked chiropractor”, has a job...sort of.

According to a document filed June 7, 2018 in Buckhannon's now-closed federal criminal fraud case, the terms of his probation have been modified to allow Buckhannon to travel extensively both domestically and internationally.

Assistant United States Attorney Kathryn Newman expressed no objection to Buckhannon “having any unrestricted travel upon notification to his probation officer”, so Judge James C. Mahan approved the order yesterday, June 7.

This story sounds so familiar...in fact, I'd written one eerily similar nearly three years ago, when Buckhannon successfully got federal approval for his purported position at Clinical Testing Corp, a fictive urine testing business that served as cover for Buckhannon's real scam: Goldstar Laboratories, conducted with reliably sleazy fraudster Zia Shlaimoun.

Does anybody really believe Buckhannon's conducting clinical trials? I mean, would you hire this guy?

I'm betting that in less than 90 days, we'll know all the details of what's really behind this claim.

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