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Sunday, October 29, 2017

BREAKING! Susan Dameron Resigns As Superintendent Of The Grand Traverse Academy; Did She Jump, Or Was She Pushed? (Board Tabs Jim Coneset As Interim Superintendent)

BREAKING NEWS! Grand Traverse Academy Superintendent announced in an email today that she has resigned from the financially bereft Traverse City charter school.

Dameron's resignation message, shown below with her personal contact information redacted, stated she had decided it was “time for me to retire and let someone else lead GTA more effectively”.

Dameron was named the Grand Traverse Academy's Superintendent on August 15, 2014, and replaced Kaye Mentley. 

UPDATE: Grand Traverse Academy board response follows Dameron's email.


  1. I see GTA is in Record Eagle in two separate articles... maybe your voice, your research, your articles Miss Fortune have grabbed some overdue attention! The ship is sinking folks! Get your students out! Start today!

  2. Correct get your kids in another school now! The ship was always sinking right from the get-go, everyone in charge was on the sole. Ingersoll's golden goose and they let him runaway with th goose.

  3. Leave it to our Miss Fortune to keep people in the know. THANK YOU!