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Friday, June 23, 2017

IT'S FIVE O'CLOCK SOMEWHERE: If I Were You, I'd Take A Permanent Vacation!

The Grand Traverse Academy board voted today to cut ties with Mark Noss and his Full Spectrum Management firm; fortunate son-in-law collapses in tears.

More updates to follow.


  1. Very smart move! Now you have a chance to make progress with the school and better serve your community! Make sure you scrub the Noss/Ingersoll supporters out. There have been people there that have done a disservice to the school, they need to go too! Administration and board members need a thorough overhaul, so that you can create a solid base with which to run the school with. And please get rid of their bullshit IVL. There are so many techniques that have been tested and that work, stop paying an arm and a leg for their koolaid. Get some real educators helping you build a curriculum not a scam artist. Build it with honesty and integrity. Here's your chance. Do it! Follow through! Don't let anyone take advantage of the situation again!

  2. Oh the poor baby - son-in-law collapses in tears! Noss and Lynch are both crying because they won't have that cash cow in the family. Or will they somehow have another extension of Full Spectrum with Noss (and Ingersoll too) acting as the puppet masters? Time will be telling a lot!

  3. What is happening with BCU/NCA? Is Lynch still running those into the ground?

  4. Brian Lynch and a business partner, Michael Randel, run the BCA/NCA under their Mitten Educational Management entity. In addition to a $325,000 management fee for Mitten, Lynch also pays himself a salary package of nearly $94,000 as the Superintendent.

    And they're hiring!

    There's a Building Principal job open at Mancelona's NCA: