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Thursday, June 15, 2017


Too late...they already know.

Confirming the imminent departure yesterday of Brooke Capser, the Grand Traverse Academy's Elementary Principal, superintendent Susan Dameron requested that the Traverse City charter school's staff  “not share this” news.

Wait, this a publicly-funded entity, not a private business or the bailiwick of a feudal lord demanding information be embargoed...isn't it?

The news that Capser had already secured a new position was revealed Monday, apparently forcing the Grand Traverse Academy to finally admit her departure.


Sure, it's a rhetorical question, but I still had to pose it.

Capser sent a message to the staff yesterday, formally acknowledging her departure:

Dameron responded, asking the staff to “not share this” news:

So why all the “cloak and dagger”, and what else are they concealing?  

HYPOCRISY UPDATE: That's news to me!


  1. If Ms. Dameron can notify the staff through e mail, why not notify parents at the same time? Why not let Brooke Casper notify the parents how she enjoyed working with their children. Is there concern that some parents might not enroll their children for the coming year if Ms. Casper is not the principal. Why the concern or is it just an administrator micro managing. Also, parents deal with principals leaving on a regular basis. Most just want to know who their child's teacher will be next year.

  2. I am perplexed, why was there such a cover-up and lies about the whole thing? It seems like everything that stems from the company running GTA and the administration is a constant cover-up. I just don't think they have it in them to be honest. If I were that principal, I would be so happy to get out from under the grasp of the admin, board and Mark Noss. It had to be the absolute worst experience any administrator could ever have. Yes, I am sure the educators, children and families were wonderful and supportive. But, what we all understand is the board and administration are in cahoots with Mark Noss and he is constantly up to no good. Don't those teachers realize they aren't paid for by Mark Noss, they are paid for by the government and the taxpayers. When will the teachers band together and get rid of the cancer in that school. Because, it is obvious it is the teachers that hold that school together and the admin., board and Noss/Ingersoll company that financially abuse it year after year. Teachers you have a say! Without you they are nothing. They already fired two teachers for asking questions but they absolutely can not fire all of you. You are not replaceable, you are the value that holds that place together not the leeches. We need a community rally to support the teachers, the children and the parents. Get the corruption out of the education of our children!

    1. you're exactly right! That's why they fired the other teachers to keep the other teachers in line,"MIND CONTROL"
      For sure Noss is in the departure of Miss Casper somewhere I can only Wonder how mr. Noss tried to manipulate her in more ways than just education I bet?

    2. What other teachers did they fire? I'm confused. What did I miss?

    3. Two longtime staffers were fired right before Easter. I will not identify their positions, as their departures have never been made public.

  3. Unfortunately, some teachers and staff have families, mortgages, financial obligations, medical conditions, etc., and they just can't open their mouths until they find other work. They try to do their best in educating the students but sometimes they have to keep quiet about the administration, Noss/Ingersoll games, and that IVL is nothing but a fraudulent scheme to make money. Hoping they are able to find other work in a better environment soon. Meanwhile, parents of current and future students, give the good staff your support and look for alternatives to your child(ren)'s education where polite questioning or observation are welcomed and where staff are treated with respect by their employers. If all the parents pulled their children out of the GTA, then the regular public schools would have to hire new teachers and other support staff. It would be the end of the Noss/Ingersoll/corrupt board empire and it couldn't happen soon enough.

    1. I agree completely. If parent pulled their student public schools would pick them up and hire the teachers. I also understand that teachers have financial responsibilities but if they don't stand up for themselves and the students they are just perpetuating the dysfunction. It will take a mass movement and it might hurt for a year but you will survive and you will get another job and you definitely will be much better off. Stop these crooks! Stand up for what is right!

    2. I have heard every excuse but....Michael Jackson said it the best the man in the mirror!!!!
      the teachers need to wake up before they're looking in that mirror.