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Monday, April 3, 2017

“WRITING THE SAME STORY FOR TWO YEARS” Big Development In Grand Traverse Academy Saga!

In the past, I've been accused of repeating myself or, as one jackass put it, “writing the same story for two years”.

Once again, this story straddles two sides: the side the Grand Traverse Academy board proffers to the public...and the private side.

In public, the Grand Traverse Academy's 2014 fiscal audit states $1,623,020 was written off and deemed uncollectible.

But although it was “deemed to be uncollectible” in 2014, the debt (according to Kerry Morgan, the Grand Traverse Academy board's attorney in June 2015) remained “outstanding”.


  1. We can bet you $1.7 million to one that Ingersoll did not receive a 'cancellation of debt, Form 1099-C'. Wonder how the GTA board of ed (if one can call it that) is handling that. Would be a great time for someone(s) from the State Dept of Ed in Lansing to finally start doing something.

    1. There was no IRS cancellation of debt (Form 1099-C) issued.

      And that bit of information was confirmed to me by GTA board attorney Kerry Morgan in a June 20, 2015 email. Although Morgan said the "obligation remains outstanding", the board wrote off $1.6 million as "unrecoverable" in its June 30, 2014 audit report.

    2. As always, thank you, Miss Fortune! You are on top of things. Wish you were a state rep or in the Michigan Department of Ed and then we know there would be at least a great start of further investigation and accountability of those so-called leaders (aka crooks) at the GTA and BCA.