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Saturday, April 29, 2017

THE COST OF CORRUPTION: Is It A Management Shake-Up...Or Just Another Shakedown?

“Grand Traverse Academy (GTA) has learned that in 2007, Dr. Steven Ingersoll obtained a loan from Traverse City State Bank for approximately one million dollars. What Dr. Ingersoll did with those moneys is unknown.” 

Oh, it's known.

Coming Monday, an exclusive report revealing what Steven Ingersoll really did with all that money—in his own words.


  1. Did he pay taxes on the million dollar debt he transferred to Noss? Or is this another tax liability he is not going to handle?

    1. The line of credit was a business expense, which Ingersoll likely deducted from his taxes. The final information on that subject is included in the presentencing report, which was sealed. It was not considered income. However, one wonders why Noss would assume responsibility for repayment of nearly $1,000,000. Compromising pictures with a goat, maybe?