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Thursday, September 1, 2016


"At the request of the Grand Traverse Academy's Board of Directors, it was recommended to Full Spectrum Management that ties be severed with any previous Smart Schools Management staff. Therefore, Kaye Mentley is no longer employed at Grand Traverse Academy," Noss wrote in the email. "Please know that all other staff positions are unchanged." 

Smart Schools Management Inc., a company headed by Ingersoll, for years managed GTA, a publicly funded K-12 charter school in Grand Traverse County. The charter school split from Ingersoll upon his April indictment on federal fraud charges. 
July 3, 2014
Traverse City Record-Eagle

Just when you thought you'd seen it all! 

Even I can't explain this one.


  1. Now hold on here, you mean to tell me they are still paying Smart Schools Management an LLC company held by Steve Ingersoll? So the board obviously knows this, but does nothing? Severed all ties? Me thinks not! What slurry of lies will come out next from the mouths of these IVL rats!

    1. The Grand Traverse Academy board held a "Special Meeting" on August 30, 2016, the day this document (and one other FYE June 30, 2016) were uploaded to a bond investor site. Any further explanation should be sought from the board and its management agent, Mark Noss.

    2. Wow, what else can we say here except corruption, cronyism, abuse of tax dollars, etc.
      And with OVER A QUARTER OF A MILLION $$$ to Ingersoll's Smart Schools, why haven't they paid their property taxes on their properties? And to think that Chemical Bank had to pay the 2014 and 2015 property taxes on the Madison Arts building (or eventually lose the property to the county)and Wildfire Credit Union will probably have to or maybe already did pay the taxes on the Farragut School building!
      Oh yes, and the Webster House is delinquent for the sum of $21,600 + so far and not counting summer of 2016 taxes due in September? And is it true that the Ingersolls are trying to sell that business for $1,000,000.00 including all the furniture and antiques?

    3. A couple things: yes, the Grand Traverse Academy prepaid over $250,000 to Steven Ingersoll's Smart Schools Management during the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2016. This information was only made available on August 30, in a document prepared for a hastily called "Special Meeting" held at 6:00pm that day.

      "Prepaid" means the GTA will not receive the service/product paid for until the NEXT fiscal year...when presumably Ingersoll will be in the federal Grey Bar Hotel.

      Although the whistleblower revealed in March 2016 Mark Noss had been making secret payments to Ingersoll for two years, there's never been a discussion of payments to Ingersoll made by the Grand Traverse Academy out of its budget.

      That's cause for question, in my opinion.

      In addition, I'm not aware that Chemical Bank has stepped up to pay Ingersoll's taxes on the Madison Arts building. According to Bay County records, property taxes on that building have not been made since January 2012.

      2016, Summer $8,026.37 $0.00 $8,026.37
      2015, Winter $1,427.58 $0.00 $1,427.58
      2015, Summer $9,746.61 $0.00 $9,746.61
      2014, Winter $1,405.13 $0.00 $1,405.13
      2014, Summer $9,593.13 $0.00 $9,593.13
      2013, Winter $572.19 $0.00 $572.19
      2013, Summer $4,539.86 $0.00 $4,539.86
      2012, Winter $459.29 $0.00 $459.29
      2012, Summer $5,215.60 $0.00 $5,215.60

      If you have proof of that allegation, let me know.

      As for the Webster House, I'm not aware that the business is for sale. If it's being marketed, it's a "pocket listing", and not on the MLS.

      And if it is on the market, I'm sure Steven and Deborah Ingersoll's former law firm, Clark Hill of Detroit, would like to know.

      The business is security for a $361,000+ outstanding legal bill the Ingersoll's stiffed Clark Hill over; the Ingersolls are still needle-dicking the case and have so far successfully delayed the civil trial.

    4. The property taxes on the Madison Arts campus were paid by Chemical Bank very recently according to county treasurer's office. That is the 2014 and 2015 taxes.

    5. Thanks for the heads-up; I'll check with the office to get official confirmation.