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Thursday, February 25, 2016

THROWING STONES? There Is A Time To Gather Stones...And A Time To Throw Stones! ROCK ON!

The gelded press — a compliant media that prints what it's told, no matter how wrong or insane. 


  1. Just look at the number of people that Ingersoll took advantage of and lied to over the years, all for his financial advantage and ego. Ask them if the Ingersolls are good kind people. Wake up and see the gray bars coming.

  2. Well, well... What a respectable comment. I am assuming this is from one of Ingersoll's cool-aid-drinkers. Or should I say from someone who is probably benefiting from criminal behavior? No one, and I mean no one, has been this belligerent from the side who believes the facts suggest there has been criminal behavior. Wasn't Ingersoll found guilty in court of law? I think the facts speak for themselves.

  3. Sounds like a Steve or Dennie comment. Crooks think they are innocent even when convicted. When the sentences finally happen-good. When the assets seized-better. Trusts voided since Debbie has not legally earned a time and neither has Steven.