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Monday, February 8, 2016

'SKIPPY' PEANUT: Kyle Andrezjewski Sells $1.00 House...For $1.00! Sticks Local Couple With Nearly $10,000 Property Tax Bill.

111 N. Monroe; Miss Fortune photo
"Peanut" has left the building...literally.

Kyle Andrezjewski, who worked for Roy Bradley's Thunder Builders during the renovation of Steven Ingersoll's Bay City Academy, has unloaded 111 N. Monroe (shown at left), a home Ingersoll himself unloaded on March 26, 2015. 

Official Bay County property records show Andrezjewski transferred ownership of the home to a local couple via a quit claim deed on January 29, 2015, sticking the couple with nearly $10,000 in outstanding property taxes. 

Some front porch renaissance!

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