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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

THE BOY CAN'T HELP IT: Is This Comment From Gayle Ingersoll...Or Steve?


“As to the issue of Steve owning the buildings that house the school, as much as you and the government would like to, you can’t simply steal his property. You and your ilk continually allege misdeed relative to the schools my Brother founded. Each of these schools, like all public schools, undergo annual audits. Steve has been the responsible party in 22 annual audits each and every one received an unqualified auditor opinion. I think the auditors have a bit more insight to the propriety of those books than the mob of basement dwellers with whom you are aligned.”


  1. I would agree with the "unqualified" part in reference to any auditor who failed to see the shenanigans of Steven Ingersoll! Interestingly, the IRS auditors saw things much differently. I think I'll put my money on them!

  2. That truly sounds like Ingersoll writing that.

    I hope this travesty is stopped and both Grand Traverse Academy and Bay City Academy are closed. The State of Michigan's education department need to help out here and not let these guys ruin the state and our education system. You would think more educators would jump on this and ride these boys out of the state.