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Friday, November 6, 2015

COVER-UP CENTRAL: "Willfully Obtuse"-The Bay City Academy Edition

It appears that things may not be cheery at the Bay City Academy.

I've examined the claims made in this comment submitted to this blog, and found them troubling.

Here's the unedited comment:

“None of the administration has leadership degrees, or even continuing credits in administration. One administrator is highly educated, but as a guidance counselor. The other has risen the ranks due to close personal ties with Steve, and that was the case with Comer as well. This is a huge reason why the day-to-day operations of BCA are set to fail: people who are not qualified to be leaders continue to lead. Even worse, they refuse to accept constructive criticism from current and former teachers/administration/families, yet continue to ask for help and wonder why enrollment is dropping. It is the same story with Pat and Brian. We are past the point of assuming that these are well meaning people who just don't know better; the higher ups are being willfully obtuse and blames the teacher and support staff when things go wrong and allow parents to walk all over them. It's a toxic environment. For the teachers' sake, I hope the ship sinks soon.” 

Let's examine the claims, beginning with the administrator/guidance counselor.

State of Michigan records reveal this administrator is a “Limited Licensed Professional Counselor”, granted that certification on August 31, 2015. 

However, in order to become become a Licensed Professional Counselor after receiving a limited license, future counselors must accrue an additional 3,000 hours of post-degree counseling experience in no less than a two-year period with 100 hours accrued in the presence of a certified supervisor. The future counselor must complete a minimum of 100 hours of face-to-face supervision in the immediate physical presence of the supervisor and must remain in supervision until becoming fully certified as a Licensed Professional Counselor. 

And that's unlikely to happen at the Bay City Academy.

The reader's comment implies there's at least one staff member who may have parlayed a personal relationship with Steven Ingersoll to rise to a supervisory position. 

Vicious office politics? Quelle surprise!

Snitch rats always go to the biggest cheese — obsequiously fawning, carrying their crumbs of information. 

Pointing a finger at the Bay City charter school's administration, the reader asserts they are  “willfully obtuse”, blaming them for the  “toxic environment” pervading the school.

Unlike former administrator Comer, who was certified as a School Administrator by the State of Michigan on November 18, 2011, the two most recent Superintendents lacked administrator certification.

And that takes us to Mr. Superintendent/Dean of Students/Special Projects Coordinator Cleland. State of Michigan records reveal that Cleland's “Professional Education Certificate” expired on June 30, 2007...and that's where his professional trail ends.

But not his criminal background

With an estimated $4.0 million dollars expected to flow into this rat hole during the current school year, it's no wonder every con man wants to run a charter school clip joint!


  1. May the many good staff, students and parents find another school soon. And may the bad guys get what they deserve.

  2. Your "snitch rat" administrator was a former teacher at GTA, and until very recently, lived in one of the houses that steve owned. She definitely was his eyes and ears at BCA, she's been there from the beginning. She's a huge reason for that toxic environment. So many good teachers have quit under her "leadership"...and even though Comer had an administrator degree, he was horrible. He never did anything. He threw teachers under the bus when talking to parents and let the kids run wild. The kids would hit the teachers and cuss them out and there were no consequences. He had one foot oit the door and was interviewing for oyher jobs that last year. Towards the end, he just hid in his office because he knew what was coming. I feel bad for those teachers. They do everything and get shit on daily

    1. I completely agree with you and I know many more do too. Everything you said is true and it is a very sad affair. The children in these school and teachers need protection. There is so much more than meets the eye going on under the guise of educating children. Please don't let the liars put their face forward and fake what is really going on in that school. The people running it are there for money, supplied through Ingersoll's congame, close the doors please.