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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"LIEN" ON ME: Steven Ingersoll Slapped With IRS Tax Lien; 'Uncle Sugar' Stakes Claim Against Traverse City "Carlisle House" Vacation Rental Property

"Hello, I'd like to rent the Carlisle House for a killer summer vacay with me and my motley crew of 17 friends and I was wondering if there were any federal liens against the property?"

Yeah, like that phone call would ever happen!

But if it did, the answer would be yes.

Steven Ingersoll, Head Schnorrer at Smart Schools Management of Bay City, was recently hit with a $7,509.45 lien against his Carlisle Farms Drive Traverse City home (AKA the "Carlisle House").
The best definition I found for the Yiddish term “schnorrer” comes from that wise and trusted keeper of the Yiddish language, Wikipedia. “The English usage of the word denotes a sly chiseler who will get money out of another any way he can, often through an air of entitlement. A schnorrer is distinguished from an ordinary beggar by dint of his boundless chutzpah”.

A federal tax lien is the government’s legal claim against your property when you neglect or fail to pay a tax debt. The lien protects the government’s interest in all your property, including real estate, personal property and financial assets.

How does this work, and how can Ingersoll (still on the public teat) continue to dodge his obligations while collecting hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in "curriculum fees" and other "bakshish" from both the Bay City and Grand Traverse Academy? 

Sweetheart, this is how it works.

The schnorrer thinks he deserves to get as much as he possibly can. He believes that if he can outsmart a store, a person, or an institution, then he has earned the reward. The schnorrer rarely considers what he owes the world because he’s too preoccupied with what he thinks the world owes him.

But Miss Fortune, didn't the Ingersoll-controlled board of the Bay City Academy recently replace Ingersoll's Smart Schools Management of Bay City with Brian Lynch's Mitten Educational Management?

With Lynch in charge in Bay City, father-in-law Mark Noss the titular head of the Grand Traverse Academy, and Ingersoll daughter-in-law Gretchen still dabbling with the GTA's finances — the level of nepotism is astounding...and so is the string-pulling.


  1. Thank you again, Miss Fortune, for your diligent research and investigative jounalism!
    Most people are surprized that the tax lien isn't for more money than the $7,509.45 on the 'Carlisle House'. Wondering if/when you will soon uncover more federal liens on the Ingersolls' properties. This particular lien should be the tip of the iceberg of many future liens to come.

  2. Way to go Miss Fortune on your investigative prowess. I think those Feds should either be hiring you or paying you for your top quality work. Keep them on their toes, let no stone be unturned. BRAVO!

    1. Amen! Keep up the great work.