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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"DEATH & LIFE ARE IN THE POWER OF THE TONGUE AND THEY THAT LOVE IT SHALL EAT THE FRUIT": Las Vegas Con Man (& Former Robert Buckhannon Associate) David Damante Hits The Ground Running With A New (Ahem!) Business...And A New Name-Robert Diamanté

“There are no second acts in American lives.”  

F. Scott Fitzgerald may have rewritten that famous line from his final novel, The Last Tycoon, if he'd been alive when it was published.

Self-styled "inventor/entrepreneur" David R. Damante, shown in the photo above, is living proof that American lives are full of second acts.

In January 2009, Robert Buckhannon's Arcanum Equity Fund wired $1,000,000 to Saving The Planet LLC, a business owned by Damante. And even though Damante served time in a federal prison for wire fraud, and currently resides in a Las Vegas halfway house located at 2901 Industrial Avenue, he recently started a business selling a product he calls Energy 2Go/Whey 2 Go Protein Powder.

Now using his middle name (Robert), Damante has taken to calling himself "Robert Damante" or even "Robert Diamanté". 

Wonder why? Could it be he's trying to conceal his criminal past?

Let's examine just one of the the claims "Whey 2 Go" makes on on its website.

Larded with spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors, Damante's site pitches his protein powder:

That's Right People!. 

Top fitness people have taken the sample program and the results have been providen without question that the Energy 2 Go product and surpassed all the compeition and gain the highest reviews in fitness critics today!

Achieved best pricing for a top protein in the market.
Achieved highes results for the categories of health, endurance, fat burning and high energy, .
Largest pre-order sales on market.
Achieved the top shelf on all fitness centers at west coast fitness challenge. 

Having spent ten years in New York City working on (among other things) consumer product introductions, I know new product rollouts take time and money.

However, official Nevada corporation records reveal Damante only registered "Whey 2 Go USA Ltd" as a business entity on April 6, 2015.

In addition, a "Robert Damante" registered the company's domain name (whey2gousa.com) on February 24, 2015 using the 2901 Industrial Avenue address as its corporate headquarters location.

Funny, Damante's company shares the same address as the Las Vegas Community Correctional Center.

Run by The GEO Group, Inc. on behalf of the federal Bureau of Prisons, the center provides "transitional services in a supervised environment in order to assist offenders in becoming employed, law-abiding citizens in their respective communities."  

It appears to Miss Fortune that Damante is up to his old tricks: selling something that doesn't exist or looking for investors for his "all protien" product. In addition, Damante is likely still scamming fitness models--hitting them up for money or promising "sponsorships".

Damante even goes so far to claim that retail giant Walmart is "on a waiting list" and "making an offer" to expedite shipment of his likely non-existent product. 

Miss Fortune has reached out to Walmart's superb Media Relations department with that crazy claim...and will bring you the company's answer as soon as it becomes available.

I'm betting I already know their answer!

If you'd like to read my comprehensive story on Damante's extensive criminal past, click here.  

And you can trust Miss Fortune--unlike Damante, I have official federal court documents that confirm everything!


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