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Thursday, April 23, 2015

STOP WORK ORDER POSTED! Steven Ingersoll's 'Perry House' Center Avenue Property Slapped With "Stop Work" Order By Bay City's Building Code Enforcement Department; Ingersoll Previously Claimed He Would Invest $480,000 In Proposed B&B Property Improvements; Got Big Tax Breaks...And Then Lost Them!

BREAKING NEWS: The "Bay City Bamboozler" Strikes Again! Stop Work Order Issued Against Illegal Construction Activity At Steven Ingersoll's 7,000 Sq. Ft. Bed & Breakfast!
Bay City's Building Code Enforcement Department just confirmed to Miss Fortune that a "stop work" order was posted today at one of Steven Ingersoll's Bay City properties—the Perry House at 2230 Center Avenue. The order applies to all non-permitted, illegal construction work currently underway (exterior and interior) at the property.

The 7,000 square foot house, shown at left in a 2013 photo, is said to be one of the largest private homes ever built in Bay City, and was constructed in 1913 for Ernest B. Perry. The house has 32 rooms and an elevator.

A record check with Bay City's building department reveals that while a permit for flat roof repair was issued on May 28, 2014, no inspections were ever completed and the permit expired. And although demolition reportedly began in early 2013, it was without a permit.

Bay City property records show that while the home was purchased by Steven Ingersoll in 2011, it's currently held by the "Steven J. Ingersoll Trust", with trustees including Ingersoll, his wife, Deborah, and son, Joshua.

In 2011, typical ass-lathering coverage in the Bay City Times quoted Ingersoll: "I believe in Bay City. The most unique and valuable aspects of this city is the incredible architecture of the homes."

Ingersoll intended the Perry House to be his second bed and breakfast business, the first being the Historic Webster House on Fifth Street. 

"I think that there will be a high demand for the bed and breakfast," said Ingersoll in 2011 to the Bay City Times. "Not to mention it will be the best use for the houses that are so large and grand."

Large and grand? 

Quite a change from 2011 to 2015: now Ingersoll's criminal defense attorney, Martin E. Crandall, would have you believe his client is a broken down, broke-ass man only interested in the common good!

Ingersoll received an "Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Act" tax exemption for the Perry House in 2011. The skids for that exemption were greased by Ingersoll's good friends in Bay City's municipal government, and allowed Ingersoll to pay just 40 percent, rather than 100 percent, of the millage rate taxed on any improvements made at the building.

In his application, Ingersoll claimed that he would invest $480,000 in property improvements. In April 2013, Ingersoll stated during a Bay City Commission  meeting that he had fallen behind on his property taxes to the tune of nearly $30,000 so that he could "redirect his funds to focus on the Center Avenue bed & breakfast conversion". 

Ingersoll's tax breaks were revokedbecause he didn't pay his taxes.

Fast forward to 2015: the Perry House is among the seven residential and commercial properties securing the collateral interest of Ingersoll's tax attorney Jan Geht and his Traverse City-based law firm, Bowerman, Bowden, Ford, Clulo & Luyt, which funded Ingersoll's $250,000 "future advance mortgage". 

Ingersoll's Detroit-based criminal defense attorney, Martin E. Crandall, stated in a response to the government's March 31 motion for a restraining order that five properties referenced by the government had "no equity and were due to revert to the Bay County Treasurer due to unpaid property taxes". Crandall asserted Ingersoll owns other, similar low-value properties in Bay City, which he can no longer maintain due to his "now-limited ability to earn a living following the prosecution and conviction".

But he can find plenty of money to pay for the non-permitted, illegal renovation of a proposed bed & breakfast that's owned by the Steven J. Ingersoll Trust!

Wonder how many cash-under-the-table, off-the-books, no-overtime wage slaves are being exploited by Steven Ingersoll at the Perry House?

Geez, I hope the feds are reading my blog!


  1. Well it looks like Ingersoll is trying to get his investment income all tied up to make him some money during his prison stint. I hope the FEDS go after every dime they stole and every trust they hid it in. He should be selling these assets to pay the charter schools what he stole.

  2. I wish the Ingersoll defends team would look up the term common good. He seems to believe increasing Ingersoll's scam against the public and charter schools benefited anyone besides Ingersoll and his fellow crooks. Ingersoll has done nothing good for anyone. He is trash.