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Monday, June 16, 2014

STAR-SPANGLED BANTER: Miss Fortune Takes Her Own Advice

6/19 UPDATE: In addition to Schuette, I've alerted Michael Flanagan (Michigan's Superintendent of Public Instruction), Motoko Rich of the New York Times, Peter Payette of Interlochen Public Radio, and investigative reporters for both the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press.

Last week, I posted a story exploring the inherent conflict of interest in the choice by Steve Ingersoll's Smart Schools Management, Inc. of Luke Noss as the organization's 401(K) investment advisor/broker.

After revealing the information, I urged my readers to "speak out", knowing that I would soon be adding my voice.

A few minutes ago, I did just that.

Here is the header and an excerpt from an email I sent to Bill Schuette, Michigan's Attorney General. Written under my own name (redacted), I revealed my involvement in the story and requested that Schuette make his investigation public.

In addition to revealing that my blog first published the news of Ingersoll's "overpayment", my letter was an in-depth look at the handling of the issue by the Grand Traverse Academy's Board (past and present members), the abortive "repayment plan", and the shotgun-wedding style management contract awarded to Board insider, Mark Noss.

But here's what I didn't reveal to Attorney General Schuette: my efforts to ensure that this story gets the national scrutiny it deserves.

I suspect that when Schuette's office starts hearing from the New York Times, national broadcast and cable news departments, and various members of the Education Writers Association he may decide to sit up...and do something.

It's a star-spangled summer—let's all take a page from the Tea Party's handbook and speak out!

Trust me...it feels great. 


  1. Contact to my congressmen has been fruitless. Letters have not been answered. Phone calls yield discussions with aides who claim their offices have not heard about the misappropriation of funds. After providing links profiling all of the details of the scandal, the aides promise full investigation. Not one phone call has been received.

    I do not understand the blatant lack of concern over wasted tax payers' money. Throw on top of that, the congressmen are not responding to concerns from their constituents.

    These politicians' actions have solidified my votes in the upcoming elections. I will not be voting for them.

    I am at a total loss. Perhaps the loss of a few million is too little for them to worry about. It's a sad state of affairs.

  2. Somehow this doesn't surprise me. Although I would have expected a more robust response after the disclosure on this blog of the $2.38 million dollar Grand Traverse Academy misappropriation, your experience mirrors mine.

    Anybody else have a suggestion?