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Monday, June 30, 2014


Even actor Samuel L. Jackson (Captial One's "Now tell me; what's in your wallet?” commercial spokesman) couldn't successfully pry the truth out of this former charter school CEO.

The website, CT News Junkie, reported  that former Jumoke Academy CEO Michael Sharpe abruptly resigned last week from the award-winning charter middle school in Hartford’s troubled North End. It seems that Sharpe spent two-and-half-years in jail after pleading guilty to embezzling $125,000 from California’s Bay Area Rapid Transit, where he was employed as BART's former Real Estate Manager.

The embezzlement charge covered 17 thefts between March 1986 and March 1988 in which Sharpe took kickbacks from two contractors and a building inspector. Sharpe also pleaded guilty to conspiring with one of the building inspectors, David W. Collins, to defraud BART. The sorry saga continued as Sharpe returned to the slammer a few years later after violating probation.

However, Connecticut school and state officials professed ignorance of Sharpe's criminal past. To make matters worse, FUSE, the management group that runs the publicly-funded Jumoke, last week refused to disclose the terms of Sharpe's departure, arguing—reportedly with a straight face—that any severance package is "considered a private personnel matter."

Now tell me; what's left in your wallet? 

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