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Monday, March 17, 2014

COMING TOMORROW: Who Is Zia Shlaimoun...And Who Really Paid For His Malibu Home?

California attorney threatens Miss Fortune with a "restraining order" for bringing you the story of Zia Shlaimoun.

Read the story here tomorrow!
Guess who lives in this 30553 Morning View Drive, Malibu, California home?

Don't have a clue? Here's one: his cousin is married to Robert "crooked chiropractor" Buckhannon.

Miss Fortune has the exclusive story of Zia Shlaimoun and the case against him--Mining Technologies International, Inc. v. Krako, Inc.--currently making its way through the Ontario Court of Justice.

But Mr. Shlaimoun prefers that you not know what court documents have revealed about his alleged involvement in a $2,000,000 bond transaction, declared in a November 25, 2013 court filing (and I quote directly from publicly-available Canadian court documents) to be "a fraudulent scheme by Shlaimoun and the Infinafund Defendants and possibly other defendants to defraud companies of their money. A trial is not necessary."

This morning, Miss Fortune received an email from California attorney Bahrain Bryan Paya threatening legal action. Here's an excerpt:

It is our understanding and believe you write a blog on ‘www.blogspot.com’ under the pseudo name of “Miss Fortune” entitled “Glistening, Quivering, Underbelly” and that on March 17, 2014 you posted a blog entitled “COMING TOMORROW: Who Is Zia Shlaimoun...And Who Really Paid For His Malibu Home?”

Take note that unless you confirm by return of email to this law firm that you will take down or otherwise refrain from publication of any kind, your March 17, 2014 post; and that any further publication concerning our client, we will on March 19, 2014 at 8.30am file an application for a restraining order against you before the Santa Monica Court. Service of such order will be by local sheriff or officer of the court and failure to comply with said order will be punishable by fine and/or custodial sentence.  

Kindly note that if we are forced to file a restraining order against you, we will be seeking such legal fees and other costs as the court shall permit against you.

Miss Fortune will bring you the story of Zia Shlaimoun tomorrow!

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