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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

ARE YOU BEING SERVED? Wires Jolly LLC Successfully Serves Shlaimoun; Ordered To Appear At April 22 "Enforce of Judgment" Hearing

A "proof of service" document filed and made public yesterday (March 24) in United States District Court-Central District of California reveals that Zia Shlaimoun, defendant in a civil case brought by Toronto law firm Wires Jolly LLC, was successfully served on March 21 and ordered to appear at an April 22 hearing.

In July 2011, Shlaimoun and his wife, Oussha, retained Wires Jolly LLC to provide legal representation in connection with litigation pending before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, entitled Mining Technologies International, Inc. v. Zia Shlaimoun et al.

The plaintiff in the Ontario action, Mining Technologies International, Inc., alleged that Shlaimoun, his wholly owned companies InfinaFund Ltd. and InfinaFund Limited, and other defendants in that action defrauded Mining Technologies out of a $2,000,000 investment made in connection with a “mid-term note” investment.

Wires Jolly respresented the Shlaimouns in the Ontario action from July 21, 2011 through November 2012. The representation and collaboration included complex, international legal proceedings in Canada, California and coordination with UK-based counsel regarding an ex parte Norwich order made in the Queen’s Bench in England.

In November 2012, at the end of Wires Jolly’s representation, the Shlaimouns had accrued a large unpaid balance in legal fees and other costs owed to the firm as outlined in their retainer agreement. Wires Jolly filed a “Notice of Arbitration and Claim” on November 28, 2012 in Toronto to recover the unpaid legal fees.

The Shlaimouns filed a response, and on February 13, 2013 both parties entered into a written agreement regarding a fee arbitration. The agreement stated that the arbitrators’s decision would be binding and without a right of appeal.

On April 22, 2013, the arbitrator issued a written opinion, awarding Wires Jolly $227,504.46 with interest. (The Shlaimouns received a fee discount of nearly $100,000.)

The amount remains unpaid, and Shlaimoun has been ordered by the Central District Court to "appear and furnish information to aid in the enforcement of the money judgment or to answer concerning property or debt."

In addition, Miss Fortune has discovered that Shlaimoun's Malibu home, subject of litigation pending in  Los Angeles Superior Court, was officially added to the default tax roll by the Los Angeles County Treasurer's office.

According to publicly available records, Shlaimoun owes $366,781.92 in back taxes, having defaulted in 2012.

[NOTE: For more background on Shlaimoun, his business relationship with Battle Creek chiropractor Robert Buckhannon, and ongoing litigation, please read my recent posts, Malibu Media Muzzle and Tick Tock.]

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