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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

"GASLIGHTING" AT THE BAY CITY ACADEMY: Double-Dipping Brian Lynch STILL Doesn't Want You To Know How Much He Pays Himself As The Bay City Academy's Superintendent; Mitten Educational Management Co-Founder Has Pulled In Nearly $400,000 In Salary & Benefits Since 2016...On Top Of $350,000+ Annually Paid To Mitten To Manage This "School For Scandal"

Lucky for me there's always my extensive collection of downloaded documents--otherwise, Brian Lynch might actually get away with this little bullshit trick.

If you go the Bay City Academy's website, you'll find the document on top in its "Budget and Salary/Compensation Transparency Reporting" section.  It's a big, fat lie and it replaced the one shown directly below.

The new document is an attempt to make you believe Lynch is not being paid a salary to act as the BCA's Superintendent.

Don't believe him.

Back in late 2017, while Mitten Educational Management's partners, Lynch and Michael Randel, were twisting in the wind waiting to hear from about the deficit-laden future of their cash cow, the duo employed this Orwellian claim to distract from Lynch's double-dipping: “Mr. Lynch does not receive a salary from Bay City Academy. He is directly paid by Mitten Educational Management LLC.”  

No kidding!

Because of Mitten's "sweep" contract to manage Steven Ingersoll's "Mistake On Madison" (now the "Fuck-Up On Farragut"), everyone who works at the Bay City Academy, including its North Central Academy Mancelona campus, is leased to the charter school by their employer, Mitten Educational Management, LLC. 

They are all paid by Mitten, including Lynch.

Especially Lynch.

(Wonder who he gets that from?)


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  1. "to make you believe Lynch is not being paid a salary"---Lynch has a rabid hyper-drive for money --- reason he gets up in the morning.