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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

MARK NOSS FILES OBJECTION TO INDEPENDENT BANK/TRUSTEE SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT; Requests Hearing In Federal Bankruptcy Court, Claiming “Settlement Agreement Is Not Fair And Equitable”

“MARK D. NOSS, MARK D. NOSS, O.D., L.L.C., and MDN DEVELOPMENT, LLC, unsecured creditors of this Chapter 7 estate, through their attorney, Wallace H. Tuttle & Associates, P.C., object to the Trustee’s Motion For Approval of Compromise.”
February 18, 2020; 
Objection And Request For Hearing; 
Full Spectrum Management, LLC

Was it “fair and equitable”, as Mark Noss claimed in his February 19, 2019 Full Spectrum Management, LLC Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition, that he had not made certain “payments and transfers” to creditors within 90 days before filing his case?

In my opinion, it was not.

But Noss had done it anyway—effectively committing bankruptcy fraud.

On December 12, 2018—75 days before he filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition for his shell corporation Full Spectrum Management, LLC, (within the 90 day look-back period preceding the bankruptcy)—Mark Noss registered the December 6, 2018 pay-off of a $85,000 mortgage held by Huntington Bank on a building he owns at 110 Michigan Avenue in downtown Grayling, Michigan.

Yesterday, an attorney representing three “unsecured creditors” in the Full Spectrum Management bankruptcy case, Mark D. Noss, Mark D. Noss, O.D., LLC and MDN Development, LLC, filed an objection and request for a hearing relating to the January 22, 2020 Settlement Agreement struck between Independent Bank and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court Trustee to recover roughly $800,000 Noss owes the bank.

Claiming the agreement was “not fair and equitable and not in the best interests of the estate”, the motion requests a hearing date be scheduled.

More on this as it develops.


  1. Well hello Steve here we go LOL spend more money on attorneys then if he were to have just paid off the loan instead of paying Ingersoll

  2. Definition of justice? Just Us! LOL

  3. Noss has always had an insatiable proclivity for leap-frogging into gargantuan debt. His wife has always fostered a most dreadful fixation upon “arriving”. Ingersoll is a locked and loaded shell-game con. Lynch is Ingersoll's long-lost spawn.

    Who knows what Ingersoll has on Noss that made him fall on The Sword, even as he sneak-deposited monthly sums to him (as Tricia looked on) that some people don’t make in a year?

    Indeed, WHY?

  4. Damn! I can only guess what Ingersoll had on Noss, but I'm guessing it included financial documents and/or pictures.

    1. Can't be photos...Tricia knew about the outrageous monthly payments: has to be financial

    2. So why no peep in the Record-Eagle about this?

  5. I know they both were capitalizing on their eye clinics using the students with State Insurance for eye exams and Eyeglasses all about the money guaranteed a lot of fraud

    1. this is a fact some past employees can attest to.

    2. yeppers...GTA was a good fountain of eye exams, eye glasses and vision therapy income.

  6. Here's hoping for just punishment for both of them and anyone else involved.