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Monday, June 10, 2019

BRIAN ACKERMAN MAY TRAVEL TO LAS VEGAS ON BUSINESS WHILE OUT ON BOND: Took It On The Lam With Wife Virginia Last Fall, Ackerman Was Arraigned May 29 On One Count of Larceny By Conversion (Where Is Ginger?)

Ackerman, Otsego County mugshot
Ackerman and his wife, Virginia (Ginger) “vanished” after fleecing a Peninsula Township woman out of thousands dollars after an estate sale last September, and police struggled to locate them.  

Once was lost, has now been found.

According to Grand Traverse County's 86th District Court records, confirmed by VINELink, Ackerman was arraigned May 29, 2019 on one count of larceny by conversion under $20,000 relating to the alleged Old Mission estate sale swindle.

Given his Miranda warning that day, Ackerman was later released on a $75,000 personal recognizance bond. (Traverse City attorney Patrick Fragel represents Ackerman.)

Personal recognizance (PR) means a defendant doesn't pay for a cash bond or surety bond, or post property as collateral for bail. 

PR bail is based on a promise that the person who has been arrested will appear at all required court hearings.

The arrest warrant for Ackerman's wife, Virginia Verdier Ackerman (AKA “Ginger”), is still outstanding. 

But court records reveal a curious notation: Brian Ackerman “may travel to Las Vegas for business purpose only”.

Scores of Las Vegas exotic dancers just breathed a collective sigh of relief.

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